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Small, Women-Owned & Minority-Owned Program

A SWaM vendor is a Small, Women-owned or Minority-owned business that has been certified through the Commonwealth by Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE)

How a SWaM Business Becomes Certified

All qualifying small, women or minority owned businesses are strongly encouraged to become certified. They can be certified by completing the initial certification application and submitting required documents online at http://www.dmbe.virginia.gov/swamcert.html. The Department of Minority Business (DMBE) will contact the vendor to request additional documents or provide the SWaM certification number. Please contact the DMBE at 1-888-729-6233 for further information on certification process.

Finding a SWaM Vendor

Certified SWaM vendors are listed in Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE) database. You can search for a SWaM vendor by company name, NIGP commodity code description, or zip code. Vendor Look-up

SWaM Resources