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Teacher Guarantee

Students in today's schools need teachers who are ready to teach when the school bell rings. Students need teachers who have graduated from a teacher education program designed to prepare highly qualified teachers. Students need teachers who care about them and are committed to helping them learn and preparing them for their future in a changing, complex world.

Old Dominion University prepares its graduates to be teachers who can, and are eager to, teach all children and to help them learn. Old Dominion University guarantees that teachers who complete one of our nationally and state-accredited, initial teacher education licensure programs are ready to teach. Within the first two years of teaching after graduation from Old Dominion University and receipt of Old Dominion University recommendation for initial licensure in Virginia, Old Dominion University will "take back" any teacher who is teaching in-field, has been mentored by the employing school division according to the Guidelines for Mentor Teacher Programs for Beginning and Experienced Teachers of Virginia, and who has been identified by the school division as having less than acceptable performance in the classroom. If "taken back[1]," a teacher will receive additional preparation at no cost to the teacher or the school division.

Old Dominion University Teacher Education Graduates

  1. Meet all criteria for designation as a highly qualified teacher in Virginia;

  2. Demonstrate expertise in the subject matter for which they are recommended for licensure;

  3. Are able to set high student-learning standards for all children and to organize curriculum, instruction and assessment around the Virginia Standards of Learning;

  4. Are able to use instructional technologies to enhance student learning;

  5. Are able to effectively create a positive learning environment in the classroom;

  6. Are able to use information about student learning and achievement to set benchmarks and to monitor student progress toward continuous improvement; and

  7. Show evidence of student accomplishment by enabling PreK-12 students from diverse groups to achieve at high levels.

How Can Old Dominion University Issue This Guarantee?

Responsibility for teacher preparation is shared among the college of Arts and Letters, the College of Sciences and the Darden College of Education faculty. Academic majors are required of all future high school, middle school, elementary school, preschool, kindergarten, and special education teachers at Old Dominion University. The University has one of the highest sets of entry requirements for teacher education programs in Virginia. Through partnerships with outstanding school divisions, the University's teacher education graduates are receiving practical, hands-on experiences that enhance their ability to succeed as a beginning teacher. Old Dominion University evaluates and monitors the effectiveness of its teacher education programs and makes changes to programs when evaluation data indicate improvement will produce better teachers.

[1]Removal of the graduate or identification of teacher performance problems by a school division for violation or conviction of state or federal law or physical, emotional and/or mental illness will not result in Old Dominion University "taking back" the graduate for further preparation