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Ensuring Your Advisees & ODU Remain in Compliance with Immigration Law

Registration Deadlines

Register advisees before the end of registration for the fall and spring semesters.

Minimum Courseload Requirements

Please note that audited courses do NOT count towards a student's minimum courseload requirement; the same is true of all audit courses. Students must be registered for either a pass/fail or a letter grade option. Audit coursework can be taken after students have registered for the the 12 credits mandated for UGs and the 9 credits for Gs.

Keeping Everyone Updated

Encourage students to read and follow-up on communication sent by ISSS. Also, remind them they should check their '@odu.edu' STUDENT e-mail account twice a week. We do not send e-mails to addresses from CS, Physics, etc.; ODU student e-mail accounts can, however, be forwarded so advisees only have to keep track of one e-mail account.

The Rules, Summarized

Read through SEVIS Responsibilities for Students in F-1 and J-1 Status; students fill this out for their file and receive a copy for reference.

Keeping Informed

Join our listserv, the ISSlist, to see the same administrative, non-programming e-mails our students are getting.

Equal Treatment For All

When faced with difficult decisions, make them based on the facts of the situation NOT based on a student's immigration status.

More Info

Contact ISSS if there are any questions. We are always ready to assist you.

ISSS is always available to make a presentation for departmental meetings. We can tailor presentations for your department or office on the following topics:

  • Intercultural Communication Skills
  • On-Campus Employment for International Students
  • Off-Campus Employment for International Students
  • Specific cultures or groups
  • Hiring Internationals for Research or Tenure-Track Positions
  • Basic Immigration Laws As They Pertain to International Students