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The ODU Brand

Brand Platform

Based on core values and unique competitive advantages, the Brand Platform identifies the position Old Dominion University wants to occupy in the marketplace. It defines the singular compelling idea or concept that Old Dominion University wants to own in the hearts and minds of its most important constituencies. It is long-term and aspirational, articulating what ODU wants to be. The Brand Platform includes a positioning statement, brand promise, and brand drivers. Key messages, creative designs, photographic style, and design elements are developed from the core brand promise and brand drivers.

Positioning Statement

Old Dominion University is the forward-focused residential metropolitan research university for high-achieving students who want rigorous academics and an energetic community with a rich mix of nationalities, cultures, and life experiences. Our nationally recognized faculty use their real-world expertise and award-winning teaching methods to challenge students to achieve their highest goals. Innovative, engaging, and relevant learning opportunities foster creativity, encourage independence, and teach skills for personal and professional success. Our determined entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving drives research and collaboration with business, industry, and community partners. We act decisively to create innovative solutions that improve individuals' lives, our communities, and the world, and our graduates are well-rounded and well-equipped for future successes.

Brand Promise

Forward-focused thinking, real-world results.

Brand Drivers

  • Nationally recognized faculty with real-world expertise
  • Research and collaboration with business, industry, and community partners
  • A community with a rich mix of nationalities, cultures, and life experiences
  • Innovative, engaging, and relevant learning opportunities

Tagline vs. Campaign

The university tagline expresses the brand in two words and is the impression people should have when they think "Old Dominion University." Campaigns are related to specific marketing efforts. Campaigns change frequently and there may be more than one campaign in action at a time. A campaign should never be used in place of the university tagline.

Brand Tagline

In just two words, ODU's tagline conveys the university's partnerships, cross-disciplinary collaborations, entrepreneurial spirit and multi-cultural community, and the way these many facets of ODU fuse together to create knowledge, solutions, understanding and, ultimately, a better world. Idea Fusion is used as a closing thought or idea in marketing materials, along with the university's logo.

"Built for the Modern Mind" and "Modern Thinking to Build the Modern World" are marketing campaigns, not taglines, for the exclusive use of admissions and economic development materials. Permission must be obtained in writing to ggenard@odu.edu to use either phrase and will be granted only when materials clearly show a direct connection to recruiting or economic development efforts.