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CQ Toolkit



Web Style Guide & Best Practices

Web-focused supplement to the University Style Guide. Find style, formatting and page structure standards for the ODU website.


Calendar & News Tags

This guide lists the tags available for use in creating calendar and news entries and how they should be used.



Adobe CQ Web CMS

The Adobe CQ WCMS is the central used for management of all ODU website content. The CQ pages contain supplemental training materials, component references and a web style/best practices guide.

Demo of the parts of the sidekick

Component Reference

The component reference contains detailed descriptions of each component in the system and their various options and usage.

CQ & Web Team Updates



Content Management Roles

Content Owner

The content owner is the person within in each unit who is ultimately responsible for that unit's website content. The content owner does not necessarily enter the WCMS and make changes, however, the content owner approves new content managers and content contributors.

Content Manager

Content managers are the primary editors of a unit's website content. Managers can view content, edit content and activate (publish) content. Managers cannot create new pages or alter a page's tags.

Content Contributor

Content contributors assist managers with the editing of a unit's website content. Contributors can view content and edit content, but they cannot activate (publish). Contributors must have an owner or administrator review and activate their changes.


Administrators are members of the University Web Team who are responsible for the site structure, tagging taxonomy and operation of the WCMS. Only administrators can create pages or alter a page's tags (except for news and events).