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Inclement Weather or Emergency Closings


Campus closing announcements and conditions will be made at the following media outlets.

Television Stations


Radio Stations
WHRV-FM 89.5
WKOC-FM 93.7
WNSB-FM 91.1
WPCE-AM 1400
WTJA-AM 1270
WHOV-FM 88.1
WCMS-FM & AM 100.5
WWDE-FM 101.2 2WD
WPTE-FM & AM 94.9
WROX-FM 96.1
WFOG-FM 92.9
The Virginian-Pilot
Daily Press

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is designated as the authority to close the University for reasons of inclement weather or emergencies. The authority will be exercised in consultation with the other vice presidents and the Director of Public Safety. Closing decisions will be communicated directly to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement as this position has primary responsibility for implementing the closing notification process.

When the University is closed due to inclement weather or emergencies only "designated employees" will be required to report for work. Designated personnel at Old Dominion University include employees in the Department of Public Safety, residence halls, residence hall food services, and Facilities Management. However, other persons may be determined to be "designated employees" in view of certain circumstances at the particular time. Therefore, Budget Unit Directors are responsible for notifying personnel under their supervision of their "designated employee" status.

If the University closes during its normal hours of operation, the vice presidents, deans, directors, department chairs, and other supervisors are informed by telephone. If the University is closed for more than two days, it may become necessary to extend the school year. The President or his/her appointed representative makes this decision.

Designated Employees

Designated employees are exempt and non-exempt employees who are required to work during an authorized closing because their positions have been designated as essential to the operation of the University during emergencies/inclement weather. (Click here for further information on Emergency Closing, Policy 1.35.)

Compensation of Designated Employees

  • Exempt and non-exempt employees are paid their regular rate of pay for hours worked
  • Employees are granted compensatory time for hours worked during authorized closings up to the maximum number of hours of their normal work shifts whether or not the authorized closing occurs during the employee's regularly-scheduled work shift and whether or not the authorized closing is for an entire or partial work shift.
  • All hours worked in a workweek, including hours worked during an authorized closing, will be counted for purposes of determining if overtime pay is warranted for non-exempt employees.

Pre-Approved Leave with Pay

  • Employees on pre-approved leave during an authorized closing will have the leave charged to the authorized closing, and not to their leave balances.
  • When road conditions and transportation difficulties cause designated employees to arrive late, the supervisor may determine that the conditions and difficulties justified the tardiness. In such cases, the lost time will not be charged to employees' leave balances or to leave without pay, and no disciplinary action will be taken.

Short-term Disability

Designated employees will be considered non-designated while they are on short-term disability under the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP).

Failure to Report

Designated employees failure to report to work can result in disciplinary action under the Standards of Conduct Policy, No. 1.60, and/or requiring the hours missed to be charged to leave with or without pay, as appropriate.

Non-Designated Employees

Non-designated employees are those who are not required to work during an authorized closing because their positions have not been identified as essential during emergency conditions.

Full Shift Closing Compensation

Non-designated employees will be paid for the hours they are scheduled to work during an authorized closing, if they worked or took paid leave the day before and the day after the authorized closing.

Pre-approved Leave With Pay

When a non-designated employee is on pre-approved leave during a partial shift closing, the hours of the authorized closing will not be charged to the individual's leave balances or to leave without pay.

Failure to Hear Closing Announcement

When a non-designated employee reports to work as usual because he/she has not heard an authorized closing announcement, he/she shall be paid the regular rate of pay for the time worked, but shall not be credited with compensatory leave for any time worked during the authorized closing.

If the agency head determines that extenuating circumstances warrant that an employee receive compensatory leave, it may be granted.