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Drug & Alcohol Policy


Old Dominion University does not condone the illegal or irresponsible use of alcohol. In compliance with the State and Federal law, the University forbids the unlawful possession, use or distribution of alcohol on university property or at university sponsored functions. Faculty and staff are only authorized to consume alcoholic beverages on campus at events approved by the appropriate dean or vice president. If you choose to drink alcohol, as a responsible member of the Old Dominion community, please understand that State law prohibits:

  • Drinking in public;
  • Possession of an alcoholic beverage by a person under the legal drinking age;
  • Falsely representing one's age for the purpose of procuring alcohol; and
  • Purchasing an alcoholic beverage for someone who is underage.

The legal drinking age in the Commonwealth of Virginia is 21 years of age.


The unauthorized manufacture, distribution, or possession of any controlled substance is against State and Federal law. The use of illegal drugs is also prohibited by University policy. Any individual choosing to participate in such activities can expect harsh penalties at both the University and governmental levels; any person associated with Old Dominion University who is found to be involved with the manufacture, distribution, or possession of illegal drugs may be referred to outside agencies.

The State's policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs generally parallels the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act. The following acts by employees are prohibited:

  • The unlawful or unauthorized manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of alcohol and other drugs on the workplace;
  • Impairment in the workplace from the use of alcohol or other drugs (except the use of drugs for legitimate medical purposes);
  • Action which results in the criminal conviction for: a violation of any criminal drug law, based upon conduct occurring either on or off the workplace or a violation of any alcoholic beverage control law, or law which governs driving while intoxicated, based upon conduct occurring in the workplace;
  • The failure to report to their supervisor that they have been convicted of any offense, as defined above, within five calendar days of the conviction (this notification must be in writing).

The workplace consists of any university owned or leased property or any site where official duties are being performed by university employees.

Classified employees who violate the prohibition against the illegal use of drugs and alcohol as defined by this policy, State law and/or the Standards of Conduct will be disciplined. The sanctions can range from a warning through dismissal, in accordance with the appropriate administrative procedures.

Violation of local, state, or federal laws may also result in prosecution by the appropriate legal authorities.

For information regarding the University's health care programs' coverage for alcohol and drug treatment, contact the Department of Human Resources, Benefits Section.

6603: Drug and Alcohol Policy