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University Supervisor Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities

  • Review and disapprove or approve the leave on the web forms for accuracy - hours recorded to nearest tenth, correct leave codes and correct dates.
  • Review the Summary Report of Leave Balances that is distributed quarterly.
  • Check for discrepancies between departmental records and Payroll records;
  • Resolve problems concerning leave balances;
  • Monitor employees' leave usage;
  • Identify patterns of leave abuse and take corrective action;
  • Not approve leave requests, unless an emergency, when employees do not have sufficient balances to cover the absences.

The supervisor is responsible for assuring that complete and accurate leave taken is submitted by the employe via the web. Supervisors have the authority to disapprove annual, family/personal, compensatory or overtime leave requests when sufficient leave balances are not available.

The accurate accounting of employee work hours is no less important than the accurate accounting of cash.