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Housing & Residence Life News

October 2013 Monarch Resident Citizen of the Month Winners


Becky Kunkel, UV South

Ms. Kunkel has made an impact on her residents for several years. Recently, Ms. Kunkel has been doing a lot more with her programs. Her programs are wonderful and she has such creative design for an RA when Ms. Kunkel decorates a bulletin board for her Apartment community. She also makes sure that her residents are doing well and says hello to her fellow residents as well. She also makes sure that her community is safe, just like she does on her lifeguard job at the rec center. Ms. Kunkel is also able to hold herself as well as others accountable.


Kevin Hajimomenian, Scotland House

I believe Kevin is a perfect example of a monarch citizen. If he isn't embracing inclusivity by chillin' in the 4th floor community room interacting with hall mates, hes in the community room studying or working on homework pursuing scholarship. And if he isnt doing those two, hes being accountable by making sound and smart decisions. He is a perfect role model for many residents on our hall, and even me, his RA. GREAT JOB Kevin!


Lia Marmelejos & Pinki Campbell , Dominion House

These residents have created a welcoming environment for all students on their hall. They have an open door policy and allow residents to come and hang out and talk. Often you will see these two resident around the community engaging other students and staying positive. In addition to promoting an open environment Lia and Pinki do p90x in the common room which promotes good health on the floor!

Royall Ferguson

Royall Ferguson, Ireland House

Royall's determination stems from his family. His primary goal is to be a role model for others and make his parents proud. He manages to maintain his good grades while returning home every single weekend to uphold a job to support his family. Within his week his schedule is packed with classes and studying, but you will never catch him without a smile on his face. His personality lights up the room and brings laughter to many of the other residents. He has made it his personal mission to speak to everyone on the hall and has helped me in encouraging others to do the same.


Edward Artis, Gresham Complex

I am nominating Edward for monarch citizen of the month because he is always friendly and respectful to everyone. I don't see him much, but when I do he is always smiling and seems like he is helping someone else.


Delaney Banks, UV North

We chose these girls because they work very diligently to help the RA build community within the building. They want to meet other residents and have a strong bond with them. They attend all programs and specifically reached out to the RA to help plan and execute a program that was going door to door to each apartment because they wanted to get to meet others and spread the word about how awesome their RA was. They are great examples of working together to engage the hall, especially with some apartments that do not want to be as active as others.


Dom Roldan, Powhatan Village Apts.

He is an amazing resident. Just from looking at him, you wouldn't know that he was such a nice guy but he has a lot of respect for my job as an RA and understands what it means to be the perfect resident.


Walker Spradlin, Rogers Complex

Walker Spradlin epitomizes citizenship by volunteering himself in a variety of situations. He volunteered to help RA Maurice as he put together essential pieces for his "Gotcha" program. With Walker's help, Maurice was able to finish 90 flyers for his program. At the Periodic Trouble program, Walker gave his prize to another participant that was really disappointed about losing and opted for a piece of candy instead. At the conclusion of this program, Walker helped clean up with an enthusiastic smile on his face, expecting nothing in return. Citizenship is characterized by selflessness, respect, and leadership, and I believe that Walker has exhibited all three of these important attributes.


Ryan Murphy, England House

Ryan constantly takes initiative in England. She includes all of the residents and always takes the time to greet residents and guests on our floor. Ryan also uses the study room on a daily basis. Her hard work has not only rubbed off on the residents, but it has also rubbed off on me. As an RA it is awesome for me to see a strong freshman leader who takes others into consideration.


Demarcus Greene, Nusbaum Apts.

Demarcus is always very excited about programs and getting involved in the community. He is always looking for ways to help out the RAs whenever he can. Demarcus has attended several programs even when then they are not located in Nusbaum.


K'La Flemming, The ODU Inn

Kla Flemming is an extremely kind hearted individual. She is very serious about her studies. She is always in the lobby greeting other residents while doing homework or eating meals. Her bubbly personality puts a smile on everyone's face as they enter the lobby of the Inn. She is responsible and a well rounded individual. She is extremely respectful of her fellow hall mates.


Kevin Costigan, France House

Kevin Costigan is a high energy individual. When he felt that his hall was not bonding enough he decided to open his door and lead by example. Kevin allows people to come to his room and play games, eat food, and generally hang out. Kevin desires to be an RA and he has quickly gained the support of Resident Life Student staff. Overall Kevin is a kind, respectful and caring individual.


Amber Johnson, Whitehurst Hall

Amber assisted the RA staff tremendously during the Pie your RA program at the end of the month. Amber came to attend the program and naturally started helping get things set and bring others to the program. Amber went to her floor and got residents to come down but also shared what was going on and why with those walking in and out of the building and helped bring in numerous more residents and donations that will be going toward the Operation Christmas Child program.


Marcus Quint, Virginia House

Marcus exhibits numerous traits and qualities that makes him very deserving to be the Monarch Citizen of the Month for Virginia House. Marcus is a frequent attender of many of the programs that are put on by myself and my colleagues. He appears to be attentive and engaged in the subject matter being discussed. He also is a very polite and sociable young man. He always speaks to people who are around him and he is very pleasant to be around. Additionally, Marcus also ensures that he is at every floor meeting--usually earlier than expected! This speaks to the fact that Marcus is very responsible and holds himself accountable for learning information that is very important. Marcus' efforts outside of the residence hall should also be noted. Marcus, a freshman, is a member of ODU's swim team. This is a testament to his ability to balance being a first-year student, being in the Honors College, and being a part of a sport that has a large time commitment. Marcus stands out to me as one of the leaders on my floor. He is ambitious, respectful, and takes initiative, and I think that many of his peers admire him for exuding this traits. His well-roundedness and his accomplishments as a freshman are just a few reasons why I believe that Marcus Quint is very deserving of this award.