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Why Give?

Why Give? Please Enlighten Me.

Top Reasons to Support ODU

  1. ODU is a cause worth supporting

    That's right; ODU is a cause that supports education. By giving a gift to ODU you give thousands of future students access to a quality education.

  2. It’s only right to pay it forward.

    Alumni, faculty, and friends of ODU give every year to ensure that your ODU experience is educational, fun, and memorable.

  3. To help ensure your hard work doesn’t turn into a waste.

    Giving to ODU provides resources for ODU to grow improve and compete with other universities, which increases the value of YOUR ODU degree.

  4. Because state funding is down and tuition is up.

    Since 2009, the funds ODU receives from the state have reduced, putting more financial strain on ODU and your pocket book. Your gift can help make up the difference ensuring that ODU is still able to offer students

    • One of the more affordable tuition rates in Virginia
    • The proper learning facilities that allow students' educational experiences to flourish...
    • Oh and yes...is able to pay its bills
  5. Because ODU needs a helping hand.

    Your support will help ODU continue to provide...

    • Public Safety (Just another cause you will be supporting by supporting by supporting ODU)
    • Athletic scholarships that attract some of the most talented athletes not only in the nation but the world who can help bring national attention to ODU increasing the value of your degree.
    • Academic scholarships
    • Resident housing
    • Innovative technology
    • New Facilities
    • Research Opportunities that help bring in more state funding
    • Student Programming and Organizations (OSAL)
    • Individual College Funding
  6. Now its your turn to tell us why you think its important to support ODU.
    Submit your answer to cbaxley@odu.edu.

    I Give To ODU Because ________________________________________