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Start a New Organization

Students Play Volleyball


Need more assistance? Under the files section in Student Central on Monarch Link is a folder of Student Organization Resources. Here you will find a list of potential advisors, a sample constitution, and much more!

Apply to Register a New Organization

If by chance you haven't found a student organization that meets your needs or interests, it's easy for you to start your own - we're here to help you through each step pf the process!


  1. Each organization is required to register with Leadership and Student Involvement. The process begins by logging into Monarch Link with your Midas ID and password. Click on "Browse Organizations" followed by "Register New Organization." All registered student organizations are managed by the Office of Leadership and Student Involvement - select this 'umbrella' before continuing to the registration.
  2. Fill out the 'form,' providing as much information as possible, and then click 'Submit."
  3. Leadership and Student Involvement will review the elements of the application. Once the application is approved, the organization will be notified and granted a 3-month Provisional status. (status definitions can be found here)
  4. During this 3-month timeframe, your organization will need to submit a constitution and secure an advisor. Once the application is complete, it will be submitted to the Student Government Association Organizational Affiars Committee for further review.
  5. The SGA Organizational Affairs Committee will meet with individuals from the organization to discuss future plans and goals of the group. Your organization representative will be able to ask any questions and have concerns dealt with during this meeting.
  6. Once the SGA Organizational Affairs Committee has met with the proposed organization, it will motion for the Student Government Association to vote on formal recognition to the organization. The Student Government Association Senate will then review the Organizational Affairs Committee's recommendation and vote on the recognition of your organization.
  7. Once the bill has been approved, the organization will be formally Registered as an Old Dominion University organization and will be accountable to regulations set by the University and Student Government Association. The organization will be notified via email or phone about the outcome of the vote.
  8. Organizations qualify for funding from the Student Government Association after the organization receives Recognized Status by the Student Government Association.

Note: The time it takes for the entire process to occur will depend on how many organizations the SGA Organizational Affairs Committee must review, as well as the amount of time it takes the Committee to meet with the organization. During any step in this process, individuals from the organization can contact the Committee to check on the status of their application. Please direct any questions or concerns to the SGA Organizational Affairs Committee at 683-3438.