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Sexual Health

Did you know?

You may have THREE regular Trojan condoms for FREE each time you visit the Health Promotion Office or Student Health Services' lobby. If you would like to purchase more, you can do so at the Health Promotion Office:

  • 12 Regular Trojan Condoms: $1
  • 12 Magnum Trojan Condoms: $2
  • 6 Non-Latex Lifestyles Condoms: $3
  • 3 Dental Dams: $2

76% of ODU students reported being sexually active within the last year and of these only 19% used alcohol the last time they had sex (2013 ODU CORE Alcohol & Drug Survey).

The last time they had sex, 64% of ODU students reported using at least one method of contraception.

Chlamydia is the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection at ODU. The Center for Disease Control estimates approximately 75% of women and 50% of men who are infected with chlamydia do not have signs or symptoms. It is important to get tested if you have ever had unsafe sex.

Safe Sex

Be proactive in protecting yourself in every sexual relationship. Remember that abstinence is the only 100% guaranteed way to protect yourself from a sexually transmitted infection or unplanned pregnancy. If you choose to be sexually active, use a condom consistently and correctly every time. You can get screened at Student Health Services for all sexually transmitted infections. Just call (757) 683-3132 to schedule an appointment.

STI Testing

Student Health Services: Call 757-683-3132 to make an appointment

For testing and fees, click here: http://ww2.studentaffairs.odu.edu/healthservices/SHS%20Fee%20Schedule%20FY2014%207.1.13.pdf

Norfolk Department of Health: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - Registration at 9am until full and Thursday - 1st Session 8:30-10:30am, 2nd Session 12:15-2:30pm

‚Äč830 Southampton Ave., Suite 200, Norfolk, VA 23510, (757) 683-2800