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Motor vehicle: All self-propelled vehicles that require state licensing.

Parked vehicle: Any vehicle that is stopped and has no driver, regardless of whether flasher is on or motor is running.

Academic year: The school year beginning with the fall semester of one calendar year until the end of summer semester the next calendar year.

Boot: A device used to immobilize a vehicle for violation of the regulations.

Campus/University: Defined as all properties owned and/or operated by Old Dominion University.

Construction workers: Any person performing construction work under contract with the University.

Crosshatch: An area that has been marked with stripes denoting a no-parking zone or turnaround area.

Crosswalks: Marked and unmarked walkways or mall areas designated for pedestrian crossing.

Curb marking: Color-coded regulatory designations, (such as: yellow curbs, cross hatches) that designate service areas or no parking zone. Unmarked curbs may be signed indicating parking restrictions.

Employee: Any person employed by the University (faculty/classified staff or hourly worker).

Holiday: Applies only to official legal University holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and Independence Day, not to academic recess periods such as semester breaks and the days between the end of classes and the beginning of finals.

Impoundment: The removal of a vehicle by towing, or immobilizing by booting for violation of these regulations.

Legal parking space: A space designated by three stall lines in paved areas.

Load/unload areas: Parking spaces designated for loading/unloading heavy, bulky or voluminous material. Requires a loading zone pass and is limited to 20 minutes unless otherwise designated.

Metered spaces: Parking spaces that require payment.

No parking zone: Any area or space not defined as a legal space.

Parking control device: Any object (such as: barricades, gate, or reserved parking sign) used to prohibit or restrict access to certain areas.

Decal: The license that accords University registrants to park.

Registrant: Any person who has registered a vehicle with the University.

Restricted space: Parking space designated for specific purposes such as service, disability, loading, unloading, and reserved spaces.

Service area: Specially designated areas reserved for vendors servicing buildings at the University. (Such as: physical plant, contracted vendors).

Special events parking: The use of campus parking facilities for special events.

Stall line: The surface striping used to designate a parking space.

Student: Any person enrolled in any class at the University.

Temporary worker: Administrative employees under contract through the materiel management office.

Vendor: Any person coming to campus to perform a service requested by a University unit.

Visitor: Any person visiting the campus who is not a student, faculty member or staff.

F/S: Abbreviation for faculty/staff.

Oversize Vehicle: Vehicle measuring over 18 feet from front bumper to rear tail hitch

Moped: Every vehicle that travels on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground that has a gasoline, electric, or hybrid motor that displaces less than 50 cubic centimeters.