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Fitness & Wellness Programs

Student Exercising

Daily Programming

Small Group Training

Want to explore a new dimension of fitness by merging Group Fitness with Personal Training? Our small group training classes focus on a specialized format, individual progression and skill development.

All passes are available at the Pro Shop. Hopper passes includes Monarch Kick and TRX Suspension Trainer. Crossfit ODU passes are also available.

Includes CrossfitODU, TRX Suspension Trainer, and Monarch Kick.

For more information, please contact Tamara Morgan, Assistant Director Fitness and Wellness at 757-683-3384 or e-mail tmorgan@odu.edu

Fitness Assessments

Fitness assessments are a great tool to help you make exercise a part of your daily life. By evaluating your fitness level and health risk, we can establish a personalized exercise program designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Assessments are recommended prior to beginning an exercise program and throughout the progression of your exercise routine. This program is only for Recreation and Wellness members and benefits those interested in improving or maintaining their current fitness level. All assessments are performed at the Student Recreation Center. Fitness Assessments measure your current level of fitness, assist in goal setting and tracking of your progress. In addition, they track a variety of health related components, and improve motivation! A fitness assessment provides a baseline measurement of cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and strength, body composition, blood pressure and flexibility. The assessment takes about 45 minutes to complete. Please make sure to wear athletic-style clothing. Shorts are preferred due to the body composition measurement on the thigh. Schedule your assessment today by calling 683-3384 or stop by the SRC front desk.

Personal Training

Your certified personal trainer can design a training program specifically for YOU based on your individual profile (including age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, schedule availability, medical history, etc.). To save time, many diet or fitness programs are based on a general, one-size-fits-all approach and use computer-generated programs. But, most exercisers are more successful at reaching their goals when using a program that is designed just for them. We utilize the extensive profile you provide to develop your customized program so that you are always doing exercises that are just right for YOU. We design programs for all fitness levels, and use with a variety of exercise equipment or even no equipment at all. Unlike other fitness programs that take your money and then forget about you, Our Personal Trainers will be there with you through every step and we offer this service at an extremely low cost to you. Click here for Personal Training Rates

Exercise by Design

A trained fitness specialist will design an individualized exercise program based on personal goals and current fitness abilities. Receive 3 personalized sessions to create a program that may focus on:

  • General Health
  • Strength Training
  • Cardio/Aerobic Training
  • Sports-Specific Training
  • Core Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Nutrition Basics
  • Proper Techniques
  • Safety Considerations

Massage Therapy

We are now offering massage packages for purchase at the Pro Shop. Massage therapy is great for reducing muscle tension and stiffness, increasing flexibility and range of motion, providing relief of tension and stress. Sessions can be purchased in 30 minute and 60 minute sessions and will be provided at the University Fitness Center.

Here are the different types of massages being offered:

Deep Tissue:

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

Sports Massage:

The particulars of the sports massage technique are specific to the athlete's sport of choice. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.

Cayce Reilly Massage:

The massage positively affects nerves, organs, glands, circulation, and muscles, and helps the body rid itself of toxins. The Cayce/Reilly Massage blends Swedish, osteopathic, and neuropathic massage techniques.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Hours of Operation 1p.m.-4p.m. 10a.m.-1p.m. 3p.m.-6p.m. 9a.m.-12p.m. 10a.m.-1p.m.
Summer Hours

9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Time Frame Students Faculty/Staff
30 Minutes $24.00 $30.00
60 Minutes $45.00 $60.00
30 Minutes (10 pack) $210.00 $275.00
60 Minutes (10 pack) $410.00 $540.00

For more information, please contact Tamara Morgan at 757-683-3384 or e-mail tmorgan@odu.edu

Speciality Programming

Welcome Back Swagathon!

Come celebrate the start of the school year with a bang! Enjoy 6 back-to-back group classes. Held in basketball court A.

Monarch Men Fitness

Join our 6 week program for men only that will provide participants the opportunity to learn how to set personal fitness & wellness goals up for yourself!

EmPower: Fitness for Women

Like Monarch Men Fitness, our program provides you the opportunity to learn how to set personal fitness & wellness goals and how to achieve them, for women only!

In'fit'uation Week

Join us for a week full of activities to promote self-esteem, physical activity and relaxation!

Drop It Like It's Hot Weight Loss Challenge 2014

Join our 12 week fast-track program to a slimmer, healthier you! Each 1 hour class includes interactive discussion on nutrition, behavior modification and exercise. Let our experts help you drop it like its hot... ODU style. After all you only get one meat-suit, with no refunds or returns. Learn how to treat it right; sign up today!

Spring Monarch Fit Challenge

This mini Crossfit competition consists of 3 workouts with the chance of 1 surprise workout.

Dog Day 3K & Yappy Happy Hour

Come join the SRC in getting active with your 'furry friends' in our Dog Day 3K walk around campus! Afterwards, join us on the SRC Intramural field in our own mini dog park enjoying our Yappy Happy Hour of fun mocktails and treats for participants and their four legged friends!

De-Stress Week

Come participate in a week of health & fitness de-stress activities!

Wind Down at the SRC Swagathon!

Come release some stress at the end of the semester and enjoy 6 back-to-back stress relieving group exercise classes! Held in basketball court A

Training Programs and Workshops

Group Exercise Instructor Training Program

This is a 7 week program in which you will learn the fundamentals of exercise science, components of a group fitness class, and receive practical instructions to learn to teach multiple group fitness formats.

AFAA Certification Workshop Series

Are you looking to become a certified Personal Trainer or Group Exercise Instructor? This spring the fitness & wellness team of the SRC are offering multiple workshops and certification exams to help you achieve your professional goal!

AFAA Personal Training Certification Workshop

This 3 day certification workshop includes lectures, practical demonstrations, and written and practical exams. The workshop package includes a Personal Trainer Certification study guide, a one year AFAA membership, and an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer certificate and I'D card (upon successful completion of both written and practical examinations)

Pre-Requisites: Early registration and pre-study required

AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification Workshop

AFAA's Primary Group Exercise Certification is designed to equip those seeking to become certified as a Group Exercise Instructor with competencies needed to design safe and effective group exercise programming for the general healthy population. The workshop includes a one-day certification review and practicum workshop, Primary Group Exercise Certification study guide, written & practical certification exams, a one-year AFAA membership, and an AFAA certified instructor certificate and I.D card (upon successful completion of both written and practical examinations)

Pre-Requisites: CPR/AED/First Aid Certification, must be at least 18 years of age, pre-study and/or prior group exercise experience

AFAA Kickboxing

AFAA's Kickboxing Certification workshop id designed to equip those seeking to become kickboxing instructors with the competencies needed to design safe and effective programming for the general healthy population. The workshop package includes Kickboxing: A Manual for Instructors, study guide and kickboxing skills and choreography workshop.

Pre-Requisites: CPR/AED/First Aid Certification, must be 18 years of age, early registration, pre-study, familiarity with kickboxing techniques and/or prior group exercise experience recommended

AFAA Practical Pilates

This is a one-day instructor training course combines the best of both Eastern and Western philosophies and traditions based on the original work of the late Joseph H. Pilates. The 25 practical mat Pilates exercises featured in this workshop focus on conditioning the body from the inside out. Learn the importance of core stabilization, muscle balance, proper alignment, strength and flexibility while integrating the concept of mindfulness, fluidity and grace. The certification workshop includes workshop manual, a one year AFAA membership and a print or digital subscription to American Fitness Magazine.

Pre-Requisites: No pre-requistes required, but personal training or primary group exercise is recommended. This workshop does not certify you to teach class. It is for continuing education purposes.

AFAA Group Resistance Training Certification

Group strength training has evolved to include a wide variety of class formats, workloads, training techniques and conditioning goals. This one-day interactive workshop redefines resistance training in the class setting. This workshop is ideal for group exercise instructors as well as personal trainers interested in teaching resistance training in a group setting. The workshop includes a workshop manual and a one year AFAA membership.

Pre-Requisites: No pre-requistes required, but personal training or primary group exercise is recommended. This workshop does not certify you to teach class. It is for continuing education purposes.

ODU Students and F/S MUST email Shannon Speed at sspeed@odu.edu to register. Community may register on AFAA.com