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Master of Business Administration:Testimonials

You run a quality program...and then some!

- Steve Mobley, '09, President, Mid-Atlantic Business Communications

I must say that going to ODU full time & getting my MBA was one of the best decisions I ever made.

- Kari Vanderslice, MBA, Quality Reports Analyst, Financial Operations, AMERIGROUP Corporation

The faculty and staff of the MBA program at ODU are exceptional. They promote a warm and encouraging --yet challenging-- environment where I feel supported while juggling demands of school and work.

- Rebecca A. Hinkle, Communications Director, American Red Cross Mid-Atlantic Blood Services Region

As a full time employee, parent and spouse, flexibility was a key factor in where I went to grad school. ODU's program not only accomodates my schedule, but the professors understand that we have lives outside of school, too. Had it not been for ODU's program, I wouldn't have gone to grad school.

- Christine Hill, '05

Old Dominion's MBA was perfect for me. I needed the flexibility of classes, electives and locations around my work schedule. The practical approaches to business challenges and emphasis on class teams have proven themselves to be very useful in my career. Dr. Ford's Marketing lessons have helped me tremendously the 10+ years since I graduated.

- Butch M. Sarma MBA 1991, Richmond, Virginia

Through the MBA program at ODU, I have gained valuable knowledge regarding management practices, financial analysis, economic forecasting, and current marketing techniques that have not only offered an advantage in the workplace, but also a better overall understanding of today's business world and changing economic climate

- Hildi Kelsey, Valueoptions

I have been pleasantly surprised at the talent pool and level of education I am receiving during my MBA program at Old Dominion. I've learned more in the last year than 5 years as an undergraduate and it's all tailored to apply to the work place. The people are ready, able, and pleased to help, and I feel like I've gotten more than my money's worth. I would recommend Old Dominion to any of my colleagues.

- Linda Eastland

Going part time while working full time was very difficult and took me 3.5 years to accomplish my MBA. I look back on my time at the school as very well spent. I received a great graduate education and carry the things I learned with me today. I have been very blessed in my career and a big reason is my time at the school.

- Mike Kos, Senior Vice President, Resource Bank

I feel this is an excellent, challenging program at ODU. I have been particularly impressed with the people here. Most everyone has a very student-friendly attitude.

- Dean Cummings

In three days, my investment in the program was paid for.

- Robert Harrell

Old Dominion University's MBA program is fostering one of the best experiences I have ever had. Not only am I learning useful tools that I get to apply at work regularly, but I get to do so in a rather flexible, yet professional environment. I feel very supported by the staff members as well as instructors.

- Carlos Orantes, Covance Laboratories, Inc

Graduate education has provided me with the problem solving tools that are not learned in undergraduate eduation. It has reinforced the need for lifelong learning whish has served me well throughout both my clinical and administrative career in health care.

- Jane Dresselhaus, Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center

The convenience, technology and professional support staff made the entire academic experience a big plus for a mid-career professional like me looking for advancement in today's highly competitive marketplace.

- Catherine Dougherty

I feel the program overall is one of the most positive aspects of ODU. All instructors I have had are educated and more importantly experienced on an international scale. The attention to students is there, and you actually feel like you're getting your money's worth.

- Jeff Walker

The MBA Program at ODU is, simply put....challeging and nourishing! Its well-designed and exhaustive covering all realms of business management. The faculty has a highly cultivated experience that they share with the students. Career management and rankings are some aspects that can be improved upon with proper focus groups solely responsible for the same.

Overall, its a very enriching and unique learning experience.

- Rajeev S. Mudumba – Class of MBA '2001, Beta Gamma Sigma

  • The MBA program offers a comprehensive 48 credit hour curriculum including the opportunity to concentrate in a variety of areas.
  • The classrooms are equipped with state of the art technology
  • Professors have advanced degrees and are not just educators but also business advisors to the community
  • The program is open to students of varied backgrounds, ages, and cultures.
  • The International Students offer a unique dimension to the program.
  • The MBA program at ODU has exceeded my expectations.
- Wendy Howard

My professors and fellow students in the MBA program at ODU taught me how to think on my feet, how to make better decisions and how to seek out the knowledge needed when making those decisions. What an annuity ODU has been for me.

- Angelo Celesia – MBA Alum & Hampton Roads Business Leader, Professional Answering Service, Newport News, VA