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*Parking Will Be Impacted* High School Graduations

***Parking Will Be Impacted***

High School Graduations

6/11/2014 - 6/17/2014

Please be aware that traffic congestion is anticipated around the ODU campus starting this Wednesday, 06/11, through next Tuesday, 06/17, due to multiple high school graduations at the TED Constant Center.

Special Event Operations will secure Level 2 of the Constant Center North Parking Garage (D) for these events. This level will remain secured for all graduation ceremonies and will be unavailable for general parking.

For ODU faculty and staff (F/S), we recommend use of the 49th Street Stadium Parking Garage (E), located at the corner of Bluestone Ave and 49th Street, as an alternative F/S parking location.

For ODU students, we strongly recommend the use of parking Lot 1 near WHRO and/or Lot 43 near Lambert's Point golf-course as alternative parking.

For additional questions, contact our office at 683-4004.