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Student ID Card

ID Card Sample

If you're registered for one or more credits at ODU, you're eligible to receive a free student ID card. The student ID card is an official form of identification and lists your full name, UIN and status with the university. You can possess only one valid ODU ID card at any time. Misuse will result in disciplinary action.

You'll use your student ID card to check out books from the library, participate in university events such as sports and socials, move into and access your residence hall, use your meal plan, make purchases from your Monarch Plus account, as well as many other services. For these reasons, you must keep your student ID card in good condition. Do not punch a hole in your card or bend/fold the card.

Freshmen: Avoid long lines! Submit your photo before Preview!

To take advantage of this opportunity, submit your photo online or through email (cardcenter@odu.edu). Please save the photo as YOURUIN.jpg (example: 00123456.jpg) and attach it to the email. Make sure to include your name, UIN and Preview date in the body of the email. Photos must be submitted at least two business days before your Preview date.

Rules for the student ID card photo:

The picture needs to be a full head and shoulders shot, passport/driver's license style
You must be upright and facing fully forward, looking directly at the camera
You must be the only person in the photo
No hat, cap, or sunglasses may be worn in the photo
The background should be a solid color with limited scenery
An ideal picture would be your high school senior picture
The photo must be in color
No Facebook pictures or altered images
Photos must be submitted in jpg format Images that deviate from these criteria will not be accepted.

What if I missed the deadline to submit a photo in advance?

The staff of the University Card Center in Webb Center can take your picture after you register for classes. Bring a valid government-issued ID such as a driver's license or passport.