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Laptop Cart Checkout

A 20-station laptop cart is available for checkout to Old Dominion University faculty for instructional classroom use at the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center. Please review the following policies and procedures prior to checkout. A reference copy of these policies and procedures is also available in a folder inside the cart.



  • Upon receipt of a Laptop Cart Reservation Form, the cart will be reserved in the faculty member's name on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Requests are due two business days in advance of the scheduled checkout.
  • Confirmations will be returned via email.
  • Please complete the Online Laptop Cart Reservation Form.


  • The laptop cart must be picked up from the Control Room (Room 164) 15 minutes prior to the start of class.
  • The Control Room staff and faculty will perform a count of the laptops prior to checkout.


  • At minimum, a two hour advance notice of cancellation is requested.
  • Call the Control Room (368-4130) if you need to cancel a submitted reservation.


  • Faculty will be responsible for laptop security during the entire checkout period.
  • Failure to comply will result in non-use.
  • Laptops should not be left unattended in the classroom.
  • No students should be dismissed from the classroom until all laptops have been accounted for.


  • Please reconnect the laptops to the power cords when they are returned to the cart shelves.
  • Faculty will return the laptop cart to the Control Room (Room 164), or if arrangements are made at the time of checkout, then the faculty member must wait until the laptop cart is retrieved by Control Room staff.
  • Never leave the laptop cart in the classroom unattended.
  • The Control Room staff and faculty will perform a count of the laptops when the cart is returned.
  • Please complete the "Laptop Problem Log" (located in a folder inside the cart) if there are any hardware or software problems associated with a laptop (reference the assigned laptop number). Faculty will notify the Control Room staff of any problems upon returning the cart.

Laptop Operations


  • Check that the wireless switch (located on the right side of the laptop) is in the "on" position (all the way to the left with no red showing); may need to reset the audio button next to the switch.
  • Each laptop has a generic user ID and password to log in. The user ID is staff and the password is staff. (Do NOT select Switch User)
  • The laptops will find the ODU wireless network once you try to connect to the Internet through Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.
  • A Certificate Error screen may appear: Select "Continue to this website"
  • Enter a valid Midas ID and password on the "Access ODU Wireless" log in page.

Saving Work

  • Access to Student Folders
    • Select the Monarchfiles.odu.edu icon on the desktop (only after connecting to the wireless network)
    • Enter a valid Midas ID and password
    • Students will then have access to their student folders
  • Work can also be saved to a flash drive or SD card


  • The laptops are designed to be used outside the cart on battery power. The batteries will last approximately three hours.

Software & Applications

Each laptop includes:

  • Windows Vista Enterprise Service Pack 2 on a 64 bit Operating System with 4.00 GB of memory installed
  • Microsoft Office 2007 installed along with SPSS, Adobe Reader 9, Power DVD, Roxio Creator, IE 7, Firefox, Chrome, and Dell Webcam Software


  • Select ODU B&W Printers
  • Enter Midas ID when prompted, select next
  • Enter Midas password, select next
  • Select appropriate printer for vbc: 146vbc1, 232vbc1, 234vbc1, or ipp-vbc1
  • Students will be charged five cents per printed page

Technical Assistance

  • If you experience technical problems during your class, please notify:
    • First: ITS TSP, Room 160A, Phone: 368-4133 or
    • Second: Control Room, Room 164, Phone: 368-4130/cell: 613-3802 or
    • Third: Learning Commons, Room 146, Phone: 368-4100