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Course Schedules

Each semester and summer session, the Registrar's Office publishes a schedule of classes offered during the current or upcoming semester. Detailed class schedules are generally available for viewing (only) approximately 1-1/2 months prior to pre-registration, to assist students in determining course availability and planning schedules.

Students, faculty, and advisors should use the class schedule search provided at LEO Online ("Course Schedules" on the LEO homepage or "Look Up Classes" inside the secure site) to view the most up-to-date class offerings.

Class Schedule Search allows the viewer to search for all sections of any class by subject (or multiple subjects) or to narrow the search by course number, level, campus, course instructional method, day/time, instructor, part of term, or other options. For convenience, an e-mail link to the instructor is also provided on each course detail page.

NOTE: This display of classes also allows visitors to view course prerequisites and course restrictions.

Users do not have to log in to the secure area to search for classes from the LEO Online home page. However, login to the secure site is required to register for classes.

Class schedules are subject to change due to budgetary restrictions or other contingencies. A class or section may be cancelled during the registration period if enrollment does not meet minimum University requirements.

Students, especially those who register well in advance of the start of classes, are advised to review their registration history and detailed class schedule just prior to the start of classes, since class meeting times may have changed or classes may have been added or cancelled.

See Registering For Classes for information on how/when to register, time ticketing, etc.