Per Diems in T&E

We are expecting an update to the per diem rates however they have not been released by DOA.  The updates are typically released in mid-October with a retroactive date of October 1st.  The current per diem rates (for domestic US travel only) were loaded, late in the evening on 9/25/13, in T&E for the period of 10/1/13-12/31/13 to allow for planning of upcoming trips.  Please note that the per diem amounts for your trip may change between when you submit your travel authorization (TA), when you actually travel and when you submit your travel reimbursement (TR).   Another University Announcement will be made when the new per diem rates have been received and loaded into T&E along with details on their effective date and any other updates we receive related to travel.

If you have any questions please contact the T&E Administrator at the following e-mail address;

Have a great day and safe travels!

Posted By: Cori Duck
Date: Wed Sep 25 13:07:47 EDT 2013