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Department ofCommunication & Theatre Arts

Communication and Theatre Arts is the fastest growing department in the College of Arts and Letter. The department strives to produce creative, culturally aware, and effective communicators and artists. The department is student-centered in an approach that is both theoretical and applied, providing the conceptual grounding for lifelong learning and career flexibility, along with opportunities for professional training and off-campus internships.

Degree Programs

Perry Library


ODU Spring Dance Concert

The Department offers a wide range of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as a minor and an honors degree program.


Undergraduate Research Assistantships

The Department of Communication & Theatre Arts invites student applications for research assistants beginning summer and fall semesters 2007. Students will work with department faculty on faculty research projects, and in the process, receive three course credits (COMM 369 - Research Practicum) and invaluable experience.

-Minimum GPA of 3.25
-Completion of core classes and six-hours of upper-level classes in the major
-Acceptance into the program by individual faculty members

Click here for applications; click here for faculty research areas.

Theatre Arts & Digital Film

Monarch Theatre

The Theatre Arts and Digital Film Program aims to prepare and educate students while preserving, expanding and enriching the cultural and educational life of Hampton Roads.

Dance Program

ODU Spring Dance Concert

Dance systematizes movement to create visual design, to explore the regular and irregular rhythms of life, and to express the cultural myths and values that define a people.

Film & Video Studies

Film & Video

ODU Film & Video Studies incorporates an international focus that introduces students to traditions and styles from around the world as well as a wide range of cinematic experiences from the commercial to the experimental, in theory and practical applications.