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Course Administration

Education Professor and Students

Find out the basics of administering classes, such as entering grades and finalizing your class roster for your courses..

Curriculum Development

Student Studying On-Campus

Programs undergoing curriculum changes must follow strict guidelines laid out by the development manuals.

Conduct & Academic Integrity

Professor Chats with Students

Review policies and procedures for managing student conduct while teaching.

Instructional Tools

Students working in computer lab

Teaching faculty have access to many electronic tools to make connecting with their classes easier.

Graduate Instruction Certification

Young Female Explains

All faculty members assigned to teach graduate level courses or supervise graduate student research must be certified.

Student Opinion Survey Reports

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View reports from the Student Opinion Survey system.

Teaching Handbook


The Faculty Teaching Handbook is a guide to teaching in the 21st century and is a good tool to facilitate learning.

Technology Classrooms


Classrooms at ODU are equipped with the newest and most advanced technology to help facilitate learning for students.