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ConnectODU is a comprehensive plan, spearheaded by the Office of Community Engagement, to strategically focus the university's efforts and raise awareness of ODU at work in the community on relevant issues impacting our region and beyond. ConnectODU focuses its efforts in the following core areas:

  • Climate Change/Sea Level Rise
  • Economic Diversification
  • Healthcare
  • Education Equity
  • Military Transitions
  • Volunteerism, Community Service and Partnerships

"The obligation of a strong, metropolitan research university is to explore issues and debate ideas that further knowledge and create solutions to today's most pressing issues. Old Dominion University is grounded in a culture of community service and regional advancement and, as such, is uniquely positioned to respond to the critical challenges facing our communities. Our students, faculty and researchers are taking solutions learned locally across the globe, and applying our world-class expertise and knowledge for regional benefit and beyond."

- John R. Broderick, President

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University-Wide Engagement

ODU's six colleges, more than a dozen economic development and research centers and strategic partnerships with government and business delivers powerful research and academic capacity to address long-term issues. Faculty lends their expertise and research to real world issues and innovative solutions.

The university is also committed to addressing immediate concerns through volunteerism and activism. As important as any lesson in the classroom is what students learn in service to others and ODU is committed to mobilizing the resources of this metropolitan research university to form exceptional citizens who enrich the world around them.

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ODU Speakers Bureau

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Lifelong Learning

ODU offers intellectually stimulating courses for adult learners seeking personal enrichment through non-credit course work from a variety of disciplines.