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Special Events Parking

Throughout the year there are several large scale events that are hosted by the University which require a comprehensive reserved parking plan (examples are athletic events, graduation, job fairs, state visits, freshman orientations, etc.). Transportation and Parking Services attendants are required to staff key areas in accordance with an operation plan developed by the office.

At special events assignments posted officers will screen guests as they arrive to verify their authorization to park.

Special events parking may be closed two hours prior to an event.

Hosting an Event on Campus

  • Written request must be submitted to the parking office in sufficient time to obtain necessary approval. Approval to reserve spaces in lots 5, 8, 9, and the 49th St. plaza must come from the President's Office. There may also be a service fee.
  • Special events signs can be released to members of the University for special events by signing a release form. Event signs may be returned to Transportation and Parking Services during regular business hours or Public Safety after closing.


Men's Basketball

Academic parking during home basketball games...