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Faculty & Staff Parking


Faculty or staff members desiring to park on University facilities must purchase a faculty/staff decal or daily rate pass.

  1. A fee is charged for each vehicle permit and must be paid at time of vehicle registration.
  2. You may register up to three vehicles.
  3. University faculty and staff personnel may elect to purchase permits through payroll deduction.
  4. Payroll deduction forms must be submitted by September 16, 2013.
  5. Payment by payroll deduction is not available to adjunct faculty, ROTC and Research Foundation employees.
  6. Persons seeking an adjunct faculty decal must be certified in advance by the department chair and present appropriate identification at time of vehicle registration.
  7. Faculty/Staff may register annually starting in September.
  8. If you have dual status, then the higher grade prevails on permit cost.

Displaying Your Pass

Transferable-hanging permits must be hung from the rear view mirror with permit number facing forward. Sticker permits may be affixed to the vehicle (by its own adhesive) on back of the rearview mirror.

Multiple Vehicles

When a vehicle is sold or traded it must be reported to the Parking & Transportation Services Office at once or any fines accrued by that vehicle will be the responsibility of the owner/permit holder.

Parking Permits & Passes

Permit Type Annual Cost (Oct-Sept)Yearly
Current Price
Faculty/Staff Group I (<$19,999) $238.00 $119.00
Faculty/Staff Group II ($20,000 - $39,999) $316.00 $158.00
Faculty/Staff Group III ($40,000-$59,999) $428.00 $215.00
Faculty/Staff Group IV (>$60,000) $508.00 $255.00
Hourly Employees $238.00 $119.00
Adjunct Faculty $72.00 $36.00
CEPS Faculty $45.00 $22.00
Motorcycle $99.00 $50.00
ROTC $370.00 $185.00
Faculty/Staff Reserved Space 24/7 $1,028.00 $515.00
Faculty/Staff Researved Space 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. $896.00 $449.00
Carpool $316.00 $158.00

Faculty/Staff Permit: F/S permits are available only to employees. PHD candidate Teaching Assistants with proper documentation of TA status may purchase a F/S permit at the Hourly rate. Undergradute student employees do not qualify for F/S permits. F/S permits are valid in any lot and parking deck. Special events are excluded.

Faculty/Staff Carpool Permit: The Faculty/Staff Carpool program is designed to be a more affordable option for parking at ODU and reduce congestion.

Faculty/Staff Reserved Permit: Reserved permits are available only to Faculty and Staff of ODU. The parking permit is included in the cost of the reserved space fee.

Daily Pass: available to any faculty/staff who do not own a permit. The fee is $7 and is equivalent to a commuter permit. (The owner is ultimately responsible for proper validation of the pass.)

Replacement Pass: lost or stolen permits may be replaced by paying a $23

Annual permits can be paid by any of the following ways: cash, checck or money order, credit card (Mastercard or Visa), Monarch Plus, or *payroll deduction.

*Payroll deduction is only available to faculty/staff who are on the ODU regular payroll. ROTC, adjunct, third paries and student teachers do not qualify.

Please make all checks payable to "Old Dominion University"

Faculty & Staff Lots

Lots designated as faculty/staff are restricted to the use of vehicles displaying a faculty & staff decal, or vehicles displaying a visitors pass issued by Parking & Transportation Services.

Faculty & Staff Evening Program Lots

Lots available only to faculty & staff until 3:45pm. After 3:45 p.m. any valid permit may park in these lots. Non faculty & staff vehicles must be removed from these lots by 7:00am the next day.