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Student Parking

Registration Information

Students desiring to park on University facilities must purchase a University permit, daily rate pass or park at a meter. Freshmen resident students are not permitted to bring cars to campus for the duration of their freshman year (fall through spring semesters).

  1. A fee is charged for each vehicle permit and must be paid at time of vehicle registration.
  2. Senior citizens over the age of 62 who are enrolled for classes receive a free permit.
  3. Registered permits must be displayed not later than 8 a.m. of the first day of class.
  4. Permits may be purchased by mail or in person from the Office of Transportation & Parking Services.
  5. Transferable permits may not be sold, traded or discarded. Prorated refunds are given for returned permits.
Commuter Parking Pass Purchase Your Permit Here

Displaying Your Permit

Transferable-hanging permits must be hung from the rear view mirror with permit number facing forward. Sticker permits may be affixed to the vehicle (by its own adhesive) on back of the rearview mirror.

Multiple Vehicles

When a vehicle is sold or traded it must be reported to the Transportation & Parking Services Office at once or any fines accrued by that vehicle will be the responsibility of the owner/permit holder.

Student Parking Permit Pricing



One Semester (Fall) Two Semesters (Fall & Spring) One Semester (Summer)
Commuter Permits $124 - Current Price
(Full Price $124)
$248 - Fall & Spring
(Full Price $248)

A- $22 (May-June)

Full- $64 (May-Aug)

B- $44 (July-Aug)

Perimeter Permits $75 - Current Price
(Full Price $75)
$150 - Fall & Spring
(Full Price $150)
Evening Permits
$43 - Current Price
(Full Price $43)
$86 - Fall & Spring
(Full Price $86)

A- $13 (May-June)


B- $26 (July-Aug)

Resident, Quad and University Village Permits $153 - Current Price
(Full Price $153)
$306 - Fall and Spring
(Full Price $306)
$85 (May-Aug)

More Student Permit Information

Commuter Permit: Available to students who do not reside in University residence facilities. They are valid in commuter and perimeter designations; also valid in faculty staff/evening program facilities after 3:45. p.m. Commuter permits are not authorized in Residential locations Monday - Friday.

Perimeter Permit: Are available to students who do not reside in University residence facilities. They are valid in perimeter designations and after 3:45 p.m., staff/evening program and commuter locations. Perimeter permits are never valid in Resident parking facilities.

Residential Permit: There are three types of resident permits available to students who live in ODU residence halls.

Evening Pass: available to students who only need to park on campus after 3:45 p.m.; vaild in any commuter, overflow, and faculty/staff evening program lots only after 3:45 p.m. Evening permit owners must use a daily rate pass (or park in a metered space) to park on campus before 3:45 p.m.

Daily Pass: available to any students who do not own a permit. The fee is $7 and is equivalent to a commuter permit. (The owner is ultimately responsible for proper validation of the pass.)

Replacement Permits: lost or stolen permits may be replaced by paying a $23 replacement fee. Students who hold a valid premit can be issued a temporary pass.

Payment Options

Permits permits can be paid by any of the following ways: cash, check or money order, credit card (mastercard or visa), Monarch Plus.

Please make all checks payable to "Old Dominion University"

Parking Maps