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December 11, 2013

Guest Speaker: Kathy Williamson, Human Resources

Kathy shared that the support as an ODU employee and a constituency group is governed by the General Assembly National trends are occurring that could impact benefits. Some flexibility exists with AP faculty and administrators; classified employee benefits are more restrictive. ODU policy has been updated to include leave for death of a family/partner or care for family/partner

Question was raised concerning the restriction of the Tuition Assistance benefit.

  • Kathy Williamson will research for more detail and possibility of expanding the benefit to include partners

Could we enhance the resources for partner/benefits?

  • We can have a table at new employee orientations. These happen twice a month.

Kathy will review packet of benefits to explore any other options

  • Possible benefit options:
    • Child Care Center
    • CMC
    • Faculty dual employment placement
    • Tuition assistance

Group suggested contacting Elizabeth Kersey to explore what is happening in Richmond.

A table runner for our organization will be ordered to use at events

Alan will work on end of the semester happy hour and a welcome back social for January-more details forthcoming

Queer literature class is being offered in Spring semester, looking for additional students to enroll. (A special topics class in English and/or Women's Studies)

Working with CMC and the Out at Work program for graduate students

  • Panel of faculty and administrators for grad students to explore questions when searching
  • Looking for volunteer panelists
  • Email Catherine if interested

Alan will research:

  • Possible partnerships with other institutions HBOR partnership, explore options Young professionals group at Chrysler.

Next meeting we will have an update on the faculty senate resolution regarding partner benefits.

Please complete the survey by the end of the semester located here:


Have a great holiday!