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Selection of Major


Arts & Letters

Art Student Painting

From actor to journalist; diplomat to musician; philosopher to lawyer - a solid foundation in arts and letters will take you in more directions than we can even begin to list, and it can go beyond that list.


Education Professor and Students

From preschool to secondary school, if you're interested in education, you'll find it here. Our graduates are recognized widely for their skill, knowledge and innovative teaching methods.

Engineering & Technology

Engineering Students Learn Outside

If it moves, requires some form of energy, is made of massive amounts of metal, concrete and other materials, you know an engineer is behind it. If this sounds like you, come and learn from faculty who are active engineers.

Health Sciences

Dental Hygienist Work on Patient

If you're interested in nursing, dental hygiene, nuclear medicine, physical therapy or analyzing blood, cell cultures, biopsies and other organic specimens, Health Sciences has a place for you.


Professor Demonstrates with Practice Doll

Biologist, ecologist, marine biologist, oceanographer, geneticist, doctor, dentist, veterinarian, chemist, pharmacist, zoologist, computer programmer or developer, statistician, physicist, astronaut, psychologist... if you're a puzzle solver, the College of Sciences has a program for you.

Honors College

Student Reading

If regular studies are not enough for you and you have the academic credentials, apply to the Honors College. The Honors College offers Old Dominion University undergraduates the benefits of a small liberal arts college within the framework of a large, research-intensive university. You'll add a few extra courses to your major that will help you improve your analytic, communication, and research skills, and increase your overall knowledge.