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Visitor's Parking

Metered Parking Map

Metered Parking Locations Map

Garage Paystation Maps

Visitor Lot 7 / 49th St. Stadium Garage (E) Elkhorn Ave. Garage (A) Constant Center South Garage (C) Constant Center North Garage (D)

Visitor Parking Tips

  • Visitors may park for 15 minutes in the designated office business spaces on Level 1 of the Elkhorn Avenue Garage (A) to purchase a Visitor Pass.
  • Visitor Passes are allowed in all non-reserved faculty/staff, commuter or overflow locations.
  • Visitor Passes are not allowed at meters or meter controlled areas without paying the meter fee.
  • Child Study Center clients may only park in designated areas as indicated on the pass.

Metered Parking Tips

  • Paystation metered locations accept credit card & cash;
  • On-street & particular lot metered spaces only accept coins;
  • University decals are not valid at meters;
  • Loading zone passes are not valid at meters;
  • Vehicles may not remain parked after an expired time flag;
  • Vehicles may receive multiple citations at meters (one-hour intervals);
  • Meters are enforced one minute past midnight Sunday through 4 p.m. Friday;

Welcome to ODU!

This page will provide you with the information you need to find safe and convenient parking during your visit.

Visitors driving to campus have two options for parking:

  1. Metered Parking
  2. Visitor Pass Permit
Current ODU students, faculty and staff members ARE NOT visitors.

Metered Parking

Metered Parking on University properties provides short-term parking in high-demand locations. All motor vehicles except those that are properly marked as vehicles for the disabled must pay the meter fee.

Metered Parking Locations (see maps to the right):

  • Visitor Lot 7
  • 49th Street Stadium Garage (E) - Level 1 & first ramp
  • Elkhorn Avenue Garage (A) - Level 1 & 2
  • Constant Center South Garage (C) - Level 1
  • Constant Center North Garage (D) - Level 2 perimeter spaces
  • Lot 10 (select spaces)
  • Lot 27 (select spaces)
  • Lot 35 (Rollins Hall)
  • Lot 49 (select spaces)
  • Lot 57 (SRC)
  • Monarch Way and designated sidestreets (operated and enforced by the City of Norfolk)

Garage metered spaces are identified by a painted marking in the space stating 'Meter Space' followed by an individual space number. Please locate the nearest meter machine immediately after parking. You must input the individual space number during your transaction at the appropriate meter machine.

Visitor Pass Permit

Visitors who are going to be on campus for more than seven hours or for more than several days or weeks should obtain a visitor pass at the Transportation & Parking Service office in the Elkhorn Avenue Garage A. A visitor may obtain a pass during normal business hours for $7 per day. Please note that visitor passes are not valid in Student Resident/Quad/Village Lots or in metered parking lots or spaces.

Getting to Campus without a Car

** Driving is not the only way to get to ODU! Check out our other Transportation Choices.