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Extra Tickets

Extra tickets are not available. Campus Information Center staff do not have extra tickets.

It is a violation of the student code of conduct to create counterfeit guest tickets. It is also a violation of the student code of conduct to sell commencement tickets.

Number of Tickets

At the time of registration, each registering student will be permitted to request to reserve up to a set number of tickets for their guests. This set number is based on anticipated participation and available seating. Eligible students who register after the prescribed deadline will be offered fewer tickets.

How to Get Tickets

Tickets are only available to eligible candidates for graduation who have filed both the Application for Graduation and submitted the Commencement Participation Registration. To participate in the commencement ceremony is a two-part process. If these two criteria are met, the student will receive one student ticket and the option to reserve a selected number of guest tickets.

Eligible graduates who register after the deadline for a ceremony will be offered fewer tickets, dependent upon the remaining ticket supply.

Tickets are only distributed during set periods of the semester.

Ticket Distribution

Reserved ticket distribution for all students who registered to participate in commencement before the prescribed deadline takes place at the Campus Information Center in Webb University Center during the period indicated on the right hand side of this web page. The Campus Information Center has day, evening, and weekend hours to allow ample time for all candidates to pick up their tickets. You may call the Campus Information Center to confirm hours at 757.683.5914.

NOTE: Ticket distribution details for all late registrants will be provided to each late registrant as part of their registration confirmation.

Tickets will not be distributed at any other time.

Tickets must be picked up, in person, by the graduation candidate with a photo ID (see policies). If you wish to send someone in your place to pick up your tickets, that person will need the following:

  • a copy of your photo ID
  • a signed note giving that specific person permission to pick up your tickets
  • his/her own photo ID

Ticket Policies

In order to ensure that every graduate has the opportunity to have his or her family and friends attend the commencement ceremony, the following policies are in place concerning ticketing and distribution.

  • Reserved guest tickets are available only for eligible graduation candidates who have completed the following two steps by the prescribed deadlines:
    • Filed the Application for Graduation and had their graduation status set as "Pending."
    • Completed the Commencement Participation Registration for the requested ceremony
  • Graduation candidates who have completed the above two steps by the prescribed deadlines are eligible to reserve a selected number of guest tickets.
    • The number of guest tickets changes each semester. It is determined based on the seating capacity of the venue and the number of graduates anticipated to participate.
    • This number will be clearly identified in the ticket section of the participation registration.
    • Eligible graduation candidates who register after the deadline will receive fewer tickets than those who register prior to the deadline.
  • Participating graduating students do not need a ticket for themselves. Current ODU students who wish to attend the ceremony as a guest must obtain a standard guest ticket from an eligible graduating student.
  • A photo ID (student ID, driver's license, military ID or state-issued ID) must be presented in order for tickets to be distributed.
  • No extra tickets will be distributed.
  • Candidates are responsible for safeguarding their guest tickets. Guest tickets cannot be replaced under any circumstance.
  • It is a violation of the student code of conduct to sell commencement tickets.