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Summer Academics

Courses Offered

Summer sessions at Old Dominion University offer more than 2,400 undergraduate and graduate course sections to choose from, including a variety of day, evening, weekend and asynchronous courses. Course delivery methods include traditional face-to-face, televised, videostreamed, web-based, CD-ROM and hybrid courses using a combination of these methods.

Course locations include the main Norfolk campus, the Virginia Beach, Peninsula, and Tri-Cities Higher Education Centers, and numerous sites in Hampton Roads and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as several locations outside of Virginia. Not all courses are offered at all locations.

Students who register for summer school classes delivered via technology (videostreamed, internet based, etc.) should be aware of the technology requirements for those classes. Information is available at the Distance Learning website, or students may contact course instructors.


Course offerings are available at Leo Online. For course descriptions, visit the Course Catalog.

Course DROP and ADD deadlines vary by summer session. Students who register for summer classes are advised to note these deadlines. Failure to drop a course before the drop deadline does not excuse students from financial responsibility for any courses for which they have registered.

Visiting Students

To have coursework transferred back to the home institution, request an official transcript after all grades have been loaded.

ODU Students

Grade forgiveness for Old Dominion students will be applied at the END of the summer session, after all grades have been loaded.

Meeting Times

The summer school schedule offers several sessions with unique start and stop dates. Individual class schedules are available in Leo Online and students are welcome to register now!

In the Classroom

ODU classrooms are packed with 21st century technology, bringing your education to life. Connect to the world and your professor in an instant... classes with a personal response system allow you to electronically reply to professors' questions and see what your fellow classmates say.

The modern classroom doesn't always have desks and chairs. In the CAVE virtual environment, operating room holograms and stethoscopes that simulate real vital signs create lifelike surgeries that help medical students become better care givers.



Education Professor and Students

From education, STEM technology and counseling, to human movement science, fashion design, industry training and communication disorders, our diverse programs are recognized nationally for meeting the needs of our global society.

Engineering & Technology

Engineering Students Learn Outside

If it moves, requires some form of energy, is made of massive amounts of metal, concrete and other materials, you know an engineer is behind it. If this sounds like you, come and learn from faculty who are active engineers.

Health Sciences

Instructor Assists Student

If you're interested in nursing, dental hygiene, nuclear medicine, physical therapy or analyzing blood, cell cultures, biopsies and other organic specimens, Health Sciences has a place for you.


Rodger Harvey

Biologist, ecologist, marine biologist, oceanographer, geneticist, doctor, dentist, veterinarian, chemist, pharmacist, zoologist, computer programmer or developer, statistician, physicist, astronaut, psychologist... if you're a puzzle solver, the College of Sciences has a program for you.

Honors College

Student Reading

If regular studies are not enough for you and you have the academic credentials, apply to the Honors College. The Honors College offers Old Dominion University undergraduates the benefits of a small liberal arts college within the framework of a large, research-intensive university. You'll add a few extra courses to your major that will help you improve your analytic, communication and research skills and increase your overall knowledge.

Tutoring/Academic Enhancement

Accounting (ACCT)

201-201, 301, 311, 421

Biology (BIOL)

103, 115, 116, 127, 250, 251, 291, 292, 293, 303

Business Management (MGMT)


Computer Science (CS)

101, 102, 110, 149, 150, 170, 252

Decision Science (BNAL)

206, 306

Economics (ECON)

201-202, 301

Electrical Engineering (ECE)


Finance (FIN)


French (FR)


German (GER)


History (HIST)

101, 102, 103, 104, 105

Italian (ITAL)


Japanese (JAPN)


Marketing (MKTG)

311, 331

Math (MATH)

162/163, 200, 211/212, 307, 312

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

205, 220 & 307

Operations Management (OPMT)


Physics (PHYS)


Political Science (POLS)


Psychology (PSYC)


Sociology (SOC)


Spanish (SPAN)


Statistics (STAT)


Chinese (CHIN)