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Enroll in eRefunds

Why enroll?

The benefits of eRefunds include:

  • Swift - your Refund is in your bank account faster.
  • Secure - no lost, delayed, or stolen refund checks in the mail.
  • Confidential - no need to share your bank account data with others.
  • Convenient - no need to go to the bank to deposit refund checks or contact the Office of Finance to update your account information if needed.
  • Free - there is no charge for eRefunds

Old Dominion University is now offering electronic refunds (eRefunds) for current term refunds. It's fast, easy and the best way to get your money delivered directly to you. The optional program provides all students with the most direct and easiest way to receive their current term refund *.

* If you have a past due balance, your refund may be delayed (paper checks and eRefunds).

To ensure you receive your eRefund, you must enroll prior to the disbursement of your financial aid. Otherwise, you will receive a check. The University will make every effort to ensure your current term refund is deposited into your bank account. Unfortunately, there may be times that you will receive a physical check in the mail, due to unforeseen issues.

Set Up Your Refund

To set up your eRefunds, follow these steps:

  1. Click Enroll in eRefunds.
  2. Click on "Enter LEO Online News and Secure Area."
    Scroll down and click on "Enter Secure Area."
    Log in using your MIDAS ID and password.
  3. Click on "Make On-Line Payments OR Sign Up for eRefunds Here." You will be redirected to a secure website.
  4. This will take you to Touchnet-you can set up eRefund profile, make payments, or review your payment history.
  5. Click on "Refund Account Setup" under Account Alerts.
  6. Select "Set Up Account."
  7. Key in all required information (checking account routing number, checking account number, billing information).
  8. Scroll down and under "Save payment method as" enter CHECKING ACCOUNT.
  9. Once all information is entered, click "Continue" - you may need to scroll to see this choice.
    Do NOT use your ATM, Debit, or Check Card account number - be sure to use your bank checking account number. You may need to review your bank account statement or contact your bank to obtain this information.
  10. You will see the authorization page - review the information to ensure accuracy.
  11. Select "I agree" and click "Continue."
  12. You will see the message "Your new ACH refund account has been saved."
  13. You are now enrolled and all future refunds will be deposited directly into your checking account.