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Find money for colleges using this free service. Since 1999, Scholarships.com has helped millions of students, parents, and counselors search 2.7 million local, state, and national college scholarships and grants worth over $19 billion!


This free servicce allows you to search for academic and athletic scholarships, contests, essay awards, state awards as well as student loans.

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FastWeb (Financial Aid Search through the WEB) offers an online database of more than 400,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans. FastWeb is now available for free, courtesy of ODU's Office of Student Financial Aid. To use FastWeb, the student will fill out a profile through a series of online forms. FastWeb will respond with a short description of the award and contact information. Students can then use FastWeb to generate a letter for requesting applications. This letter can be printed directly from the Web browser.

As new scholarships are added to the database, they are matched with the student's profile and added to their mailbox. The students can check their mailbox at their convenience to see the newly announced programs.



FinAid is a database that contains listings of more than 500,000 private sector awards from 1, 570 sponsors. MACH25 uses residential, personal, academic, organizational affiliation, and general criteria to match the student's profile against the award listings.

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College Board Online

College Board's Scholarship Search is a database that contains listings of scholarships, fellowships, loans, internships, and other types of financial aid programs from 2,300 sources.



A scholarship search engine with tips and secrets to help you along the way while funding your education.