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Applying for Benefits

Instructions/Forms to Apply for G.I. Bill Benefits

Forms and instructions to apply for G.I. Bill benefits can be found below, for first-time users or students who have used G.I. Bill benefits at another institution, and students who wish to continue using their G.I. Bill benefits.

VA benefits for summer classes may differ from Fall and Spring due to the length of the sessions.

Post 9/11 G.I. Bill

You must apply for this benefit through VONAPP on the GI Bill website www.gibill.va.gov. Please note! This benefit is irrevocable. You will not be able to go back to your previous chapter benefit once you elect to use the Post 9/11 benefit.

Tuition Deadlines/Deferments

Students receiving G.I. Bill benefits may be eligible for a deferred tuition deadline, as a courtesy from the ODU Office of Finance. Deferments are only granted prior to the tuition deadline for each Fall and Spring semester, and only if the student has no outstanding account balance.

Deferments are not available for students enrolled in ODU certificate programs or for students enrolled in the Masters of Engineering Management (MEM) program. Students receiving VA Vocational Rehabilitation benefits are also not eligible for tuition deferment.

The deadline to apply for the VA tuition deferment is the tuition deadline for each Fall and Spring term. Check the Academic Calendar for the tuition deadline date.

The VA regional office may take from 2 to 3 months to process your initial application for VA benefits; the average time for the Veterans Affairs Services staff to process your paperwork is generally within 10 business days, excluding peak enrollment times.

Regardless of the status of the student's VA claim:

  • Spring tuition must be paid no later than April 1.
  • Fall tuition must be paid by November 1.
  • There will be no exceptions to these deadlines.

Deployment or Mobilization of Currently Enrolled Students

All active duty military students who are unable to complete course requirements due to change in employment duties, work schedule, or deployment to a duty assignment may be administratively withdrawn from current semester courses. Students are required to submit a copy of their military orders to the Office of the University Registrar. The Registrar's Office will maintain records of administrative withdrawals performed under this policy.

For complete information, please refer to the University Catalog: Sudden Withdrawal and Prolonged Absence Due to Military Mobilization, and consult the Veterans Affairs Services staff at 757-683-4425 or e-mail vaservices@odu.edu.

First Time Using G.I. Bill Benefits?

First Time Ever Using G.I. Bill Benefits

You must apply through the Veterans Administration (VA) to begin using your benefits and then submit a Veterans Clearance Form to the Registrar's Office.

Non-Chapter 35 Recipients:

  • if you are Active Duty, you must have your Education Officer sign Part VII.
  • if you are not Active Duty, you must submit your Member 4 copy of your DD-214 along with your application.
  • if you are a Reservist, you must submit your Notification of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) along with your application.

Have you used G.I. Bill benefits before (at another institution)?

If you are new to ODU, but you have used your G.I. Bill benefits before, you must complete a Change of Program or Place of Training Form and submit it to the Veterans Affairs Regional Office .

Everyone must submit the Veterans Clearance Form by mail or fax to the Registrar's Office or email it to vaservices@odu.edu.

Continuing Your Benefits

Please note the following policy changes (effective January 2011):

  • Active duty military, MEM Ashore and certificate students using G.I. Bill benefits must submit a Veterans Clearance Form EACH semester AFTER registering for ODU classes.
  • You must submit a new Veterans Clearance Form to the Registrar's Office if you change major, change your status, have a break in enrollment, or a change of benefits.

Mail to: Old Dominion University
Office of the University Registrar
116 Rollins Hall
Norfolk, VA 23529
Email: vaservices@odu.edu
Fax: (757) 683-5357
*Active Duty members using tuition assistance should submit a copy of your Tuition Assistance Authorization Form along with the Veterans Clearance Form.

  • All students using benefits under Chapter 30 and 1606 must verify enrollment monthly with the VA by calling 877-823-2378 or verify online through WAVE.
  • If you change your major, you must complete a Change of Program or Place of Training Form and submit it to the VA Regional Office.