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Bioelectrics News

CBE's Elena Gianulis Wins Award

Elena Gianulis, PhD, has won the Society of General Physiologists Graduate Student Cranefield award for her publication in Journal of General Physiology:

Gianulis, E.C., Liu, Q., Trudeau, M.C. (2013) Direct interaction of eag domains and cyclic nucleotide-binding homology domains regulate deactivation gating in hERG channels. J Gen Phys 142(4):351-366.

This award comes with her option of a cash prize or a travel award to participate in the annual conference and present her paper. Dr. Elena Gianulis received her doctorate degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, under the mentorship of Dr. Matthew Trudeau, where she studied the biophysical properties of the hERG potassium channel. Specifically, her work focused on characterizing interdomain interactions within hERG that control channel gating. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Andrei Pakhomov's laboratory, where she is investigating the biological effects of nanopore formation by electric pulse stimulation in cells.