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CBE's Richard Heller Honored at ODU Annual Dinner


Old Dominion honored a number of faculty members and administrators at the Faculty Awards and Retirement Dinner the evening of Tuesday, May 6 (see photos below).

In addition to the presentation of the A. Rufus Tonelson Faculty Award to Lawrence Weinstein, the inaugural Alumni Association New Faculty Award to Sue Kimmel and the Faculty Research Achievement Award to Ian Balitsky, which were not announced until the dinner program, the university honored numerous other faculty members and administrators.

The following awards and recognitions were made during the program:

  • Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award nominees: Sheri Colberg-Ochs, human movement sciences; Gail Dodge, physics; John Ford, marketing and international business; Michelle Kelley, psychology; Richard Landers, psychology; Sylvain Marsillac, electrical and computer engineering; Michael Pearson, English; Thomas Socha, communication and theatre arts
  • Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award Winner: Carolyn Rutledge, nursing
  • Eminent Scholars: Richard Heller, Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics; Charles Hyde, physics; Debra Major, psychology
  • University Professors: Yvette Pearson, philosophy and religious studies; Jaewan Yoon, civil and environmental engineering
  • University Distinguished Teachers: Betsy Kennedy, park, recreation and tourism studies; Terry Kubichan, accounting; Nathan Luetke, engineering technology
  • Teaching with Technology Awards: Declan De Paor, physics; Sue Kimmel, teaching and learning; Shelley Rodrigo, English
  • Provost's Award for Leadership in International Education: Ling Li, information technology and decision sciences
  • Provost's Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor: David Gauthier, biological sciences
  • Doctoral Mentoring Award Finalists: David Earnest, political science and geography; Mohammad Najand, physics; Dimitrie Popescu, electrical and computer engineering
  • Doctoral Mentoring Award Winner: Danica Hays, counseling and human services
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards: Jessica Beard, biological sciences (classroom); April Cobos, English (laboratory)
  • New Advisor of the Year Award: Catherine Moss, advising and transfer programs
  • Advising Administrator of the Year Award: Leigh Butler, teacher education services
  • Faculty Advisor of the Year Award: Janice Hawkins, nursing
  • Excellence in Advising in the Primary Role Award: Doug Brown, distance learning
  • J. Worth Pickering Administrator of the Year Award: Jim Duffy, academic affairs
  • Association of University Administrators Monarch Professional Award: Tisha Paredes, assessment.
- InsideODU, May 8th Edition