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Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics:Publications

2014 Journal Publications

Aggarwal S, Gross CM, Kumar S, Dimitropoulou C, Sharma S, Gorshkov BA, Sridhar S, Lu Q, Bogatcheva NV, Jezierska-Drutel AJ, Lucas R, Verin AD, Catravas JD, Black SM. Dimethylarginine Dimethylaminohydrolase II Overexpression Attenuates LPS-Mediated Lung Leak in Acute Lung Injury. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol., 50(3):614-25, 2014. [Article Link]
Ali SW, Malik MA, Jan S, Naeem K. Comparison of Rigid Divinylbenzene with Flexible 1,7-Octadiene Crosslinks in Acrylic Acid Resins-Effects on Kinetics of Swelling and Loading of Heavy Metal Ions from Water. J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 131:41038, 2014. [Article Link]
Bao X, Malik MA, Norton DG, Neculaes VB, Schoenbach KH, Heller R, Siclovan OP, Corah SE, Caiafa A, Inzinna LP, Conway, KR. Shielded Sliding Discharge-Assisted Hydrocarbon Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx over Ag/Al2O3 Catalysts Using Diesel as a Reductant. Plasma Chem. Plasma Process, 34:825-36, 2014. [Article Link]
Basu G, Downey H, Guo S, Israel A, Asmar A, Hargrave B and Heller R. Prevention of distal flap necrosis in a rat random flap model by gene electrotransfer delivering VEGF165 plasmid. J. Gene Medicine, in Press, 2014. [Article Link]
Edelblute C, Donate A, Hargrave B, Heller L. Human platelet gel supernatant inactivates opportunistic wound pathogens on skin. Platelets, in Press, 2014. [Article Link]
Guo F, Yao C, Bajracharya C, Polisetty S, Schoenbach KH, and Xiao S. Simulation Study of Delivery of Subnanosecond Pulses to Biological Tissues With an Impulse Radiating Antenna. Bioelectromagnetics, 35(2):145-59, 2014. [Article Link]
Ibey BL, Ullery JC, Pakhomova ON, Roth CC, Semenov I, Beier HT, Tarango M, Xiao S, Schoenbach KH, Pakhomov AG. Bipolar nanosecond electric pulses are less efficient at electropermeabilization and killing cells than monopolar pulses. Biochem Biophys Res Commun., 443(2):568-73, 2014. [Article Link]
Joshi AD, Dimitropoulou C, Thangjam G, Snead C, Feldman S, Barabutis N, Fulton D, Hou Y, Kumar S, Patel V, Gorshkov B, Verin AD, Black SM, Catravas JD. Heat shock protein 90 inhibitors prevent LPS-induced endothelial barrier dysfunction by disrupting RhoA signaling. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol., 50(1):170-9, 2014. [Article Link]
Malik MA, Jiang C, Dhali SK, Heller R, & Schoenbach KH. Coupled Sliding Discharges: A Scalable Nonthermal Plasma System Utilizing Positive and Negative Streamers on Opposite Sides of a Dielectric Layer. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, in Press, 2014. [Article Link]
Malik MA, Schoenbach KH. Nitric oxide conversion and ozone synthesis in a shielded sliding discharge reactor with positive and negative streamers. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, 34(1):93-109, 2014. [Article Link]
Pakhomov AG, Xiao S, Pakhomova ON, Semenov I, Kuipers MA, Ibey BL. Disassembly of actin structures by nanosecond pulsed electric field is a downstream effect of cell swelling. Bioelectrochemistry, S1567-5394(14)00016-4, 2014. [Article Link]
Rassokhin MA and Pakhomov AG. Cellular regulation of extension and retraction of pseudopod-like blebs produced by nanosecond pulsed electric field (nsPEF). Cell Biochem Biophys., in Press, 2014. [Article Link]
Rafikov R, Dimitropoulou C, Aggarwal S, Kangath A, Gross C, Pardo D, Sharma S, Jezierska-Drutel A, Patel V, Snead C, Lucas R, Verin A, Fulton D, Catravas JD, Black SM. Lipopolysaccharide-induced Lung Injury Involves the Nitration-mediated Activation of RhoA. J Biol Chem., 289(8):4710-22, 2014. [Article Link]
Schoenbach KH and Malik MA. Scaling of Shielded Sliding Discharges for Environmental Applications. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, 34(1):39-54, 2014. [Article Link]
Stacey MW, Sabuncu AC, and Beskok A. Dielectric Characterization of Costal Cartilage Chondrocytes. Biochem Biophys Acta (BBA)-General Subjects, 1840(1):146-52, 2014. [Article Link]

2013 Journal Publications

Ali SW, Waqar F, Malik MA, Yasin T and Muhammad B. Study on the Synthesis of a Macroporous Ethylacrylate-Divinylbenzene Copolymer, Its Conversion Into a Bi-Functional Cation Exchange Resin and Applications for Extraction of Toxic Heavy Metals From Wastewater. J Appl Polym Sci, 129(4):2234-43, 2013. [Article Link]
Barabutis N, Handa V, Dimitropoulou C, Rafikov R, Snead C, Kumar S, Joshi A, Thangjam G, Fulton D, Black SM, Patel V, Catravas JD. LPS induces pp60c-src-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation of Hsp90 in lung vascular endothelial cells and mouse lung. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol., 304(12):L883-93, 2013. [Article Link]
Beebe SJ. Cell Responses without Receptors and Ligands using Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields (nsPEFs). Editorial; Intern J Nanomed, 8:3401-4, 2013. [Article Link]
Beebe SJ, Sain NM and Ren W. Induction of Cell Death Mechanisms and Apoptosis by Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields (nsPEFs). Cells, 2(1):136-62, 2013. [Article Link]
Beebe SJ. Applications for Pulse Power using Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields (nsPEFs) in Cell Biology and Cancer Treatment. Editorial; J of Nanomed and Biotherap Dis, 3:1000e123, 2013. [Article Link]
Chen R, Chen X and Beebe SJ. Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field (nsPEF) Ablation as an Alternative or Adjunct to Surgery for Treatment of Cancer. Surgery: Current Research, S12:005, 2013.
Cobb D, Guo, S, Smeltz RB. CpG and interleukin-15 synergize to enhance CD8+ T cell function. BioMed Research International, 2013. [Article Link]
Donate A and Heller R. Assessment of delivery parameters with the multi-electrode array for development of a DNA vaccine against Bacillus anthracis. Bioelectrochemistry, 94:1-6, 2013. [Article Link]
Evseev AI, Semenov I, Archer CR, Medina JL, Dube PH, Shapiro MS, Brenner R. Functional effects of KCNQ K(+) channels in airway smooth muscle. Front Physiol., 4:277, 2013. [Article Link]
Guo S, Israel A, Basu G, Donate A and Heller R. Topical gene electrotransfer to the epidermis by non-invasive multielectrode array. PLoS ONE 8(8):e73423, 2013. [Article Link]
Hargrave B, Downey H, Strange R Jr., Murray L, Cinnamond C, Lundberg C, Israel A, Chen Y-J, Marshall W Jr. and Heller R. Electroporation-mediated gene transfer directly to the swine heart. Gene Therapy, 20(2):151-57, 2013. [Article Link]
Heller LC, Todorovic, Vesna, Cemazar M. Electrotransfer of single-stranded or double-stranded DNA induces complete regression of palpable B16.F10 mouse melanomas. Cancer Gene Ther, 20(12):695-700, 2013. [Article Link]
Ho, M.-C., Z. A. Levine, and P. T. Vernier. Nanoscale, electric field-driven water bridges in vacuum gaps and lipid bilayers. J. Membrane Biol., 246(11):793-801, 2013. [Article Link]
Ho MC, Casciola M, Levine ZA, and Vernier PT. Molecular dynamics simulations of ion conductance in field-stabilized nanoscale lipid electropores. J. Phys. Chem. B, 117(39):11633-40, 2013. [Article Link]
Joshi SK, Lang ML. Fine tuning a well-oiled machine: Influence of NK1.1 and NKG2D on NKT cell development and function. Int Immunopharmacol, 17(2):260-6, 2013. [Article Link]
Malik MA, Schoenbach KH. Sliding discharges in steam: effects of dielectric surface and hydrocarbon additives on hydrogen, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide generation. J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 46:145201, 2013. [Article Link]
Malik MA, Ali SW, Ahmed I. Economical and environmentally friendly synthesis of porous cation-exchange resins. SPE Plastics Research Online, 2013. [Article Link]
Malik MA, Hughes D, Malik A, Xiao S, Schoenbach KH. Study of the Production of Hydrogen and Light Hydrocarbons by Spark Discharges in Diesel, Kerosene, Gasoline, and Methane. Plasma Chem Plasma Process, 33(1):271-9, 2013. [Article Link]
Marrero B, Shirley S and Heller R. Delivery of interleukin-15 to B16 melanoma by electroporation leads to tumor regression and long term survival. TCRT August 31, Epub ahead of print, 2013. [Article Link]
Pakhomov AG. Response to "Sodium current inhibition by nanosecond pulsed electric field (nsPEF)-fact or artifact?" by Verkerk et al. Bioelectromagnetics, 34(2):165-6, 2013. [Article Link]
Pakhomova ON, Gregory BW, Semenov Iu, and Pakhomov AG. Two modes of cell death caused by exposure to nanosecond pulsed electric field. PLOS One, 8(7):e70278, 2013. [Article Link]
Pakhomova ON, Gregory BW, and Pakhomov AG. Facilitation of the electroporative drug uptake and cell killing by electrosensitization. J Cell Mol Med., 17(1):154-9, 2013. [Article Link]
Romeo S, Wu Y-H, Levine ZA, Gundersen MA, and Vernier PT. Water influx and cell swelling after nanosecond electropermeabilization. Biochim. Biophys. Acta., 1828(8):1715-22, 2013. [Article Link]
Schaudinn C, Jaramillo DE, Freire M, Sedghizadeh PP, Nguyen A, Webster P, Costerton JW, and Jiang C. Evaluation of a non-thermal plasma needle to eliminate ex vivo
biofilms in root canals of extracted human teeth. International Endodontic Journal, 46(10):930-937, 2013. [Article Link]
Semenov Iu, Xiao S, and Pakhomov AG. Primary pathways of intracellular Ca(2+) mobilization by nanosecond pulsed electric field. Biochim Biophys Acta., 1828(3):981-9, 2013. [Article Link]
Semenov Iu, Xiao S, Pakhomova ON, and Pakhomov AG. Recruitment of the intracellular Ca2+ by ultrashort electric stimuli: the impact of pulse duration. Cell Calcium, 54(3):145-50, 2013. [Article Link]
Shah HB, Joshi SK, Rampuria P, Devera TS, Lang GA, Stohl W, Lang ML. BAFF- and APRIL-dependent maintenance of antibody titers after immunization with T-dependent antigen and CD1d-binding ligand. J Immunol., 191(3):1154-63, 2013. [Article Link]
Stacey M, Dutta D, Cao W, Asmar A, El-Sayed Ali H, Kelly Jr R, Beskok A. Atomic Force Microscopy Characterization of Collagen 'Nanostraws' in Human Costal Cartilage. Micron 44:483-87, 2013. [Article Link]
Thangjam GS, Dimitropoulou C, Joshi AD, Barabutis N, Shaw MC, Kovalenkov Y, Wallace CM, Fulton DJ, Patel V, Catravas JD. Novel Mechanism of Attenuation of LPS-Induced NF-ĸB Activation by the hsp90 Inhibitor, 17-AAG, in Human Lung Microvascular Endothelial Cells. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol., In Press , 2013. [Article Link]
Tokman M, Lee JH, Levine ZA, Ho M-C, Colvin ME, and Vernier PT. Electric field-driven water dipoles: nanoscale architecture of electroporation. PLoS ONE, 8(4):e61111, 2013. [Article Link]
Vernier PT, Levine ZA and Gundersen MA. Water bridges in electropermeabilized phospholipid bilayers. Proc. IEEE, 101(2):494-504, 2013. [Article Link]
Wu Y-H, Arnaud-Cormos D, Casciola M, Sanders JM, Leveque P, and Vernier PT. Moveable wire electrode microchamber for nanosecond pulsed electric field delivery. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., 60(2):489-96, 2013. [Article Link]

2012 Journal Publications

Ali SW, Malik MA, Ahmed I. Synthesis of Strong Acid Resins From Macroporous Styrene-Divinylbenzene Copolymers: Is Diluent Extraction Step Necessary? Polym. Eng. Sci., 52(11):2375-82, 2012. [Article Link]
Beebe SJ. Bioelectrics in Basic Science and Medicine: Impact of Electric Fields on Cellular Structures and Functions. J Nanomedic Nanotechnol, 4:163, 2012. [Article Link]
Beebe SJ, Chen Y-J, Sain NM, Schoenbach KH, and Xiao S. Transient Features in Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields Differentially Modulate Mitochondria and Viability. PLoS One; 7(12): e51349, 2012. [Article Link]
Camp JT, Jing Y, Zhuang J, Kolb J, Beebe SJ, Song J, Joshi RP, Xiao S and Schoenbach KH. Cell Death Induced by Subnanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields at Elevated Temperatures. IEEE Trans. Plasma Science, 40(10):2334-47, 2012. [Article Link]
Chen XH, Beebe SJ and Zheng SS. Tumor ablation with nanosecond pulsed electric fields. Hepatobiliary Pancreat Dis Int, 11(2):122-4, 2012. [Article Link]
Chen X, Zhuang J, Kolb JF, Schoenbach KH and Beebe SJ. Long Term Survival of Mice With Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Pulse Power Ablation with Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields. Technol Cancer Res Treat, 11(1):83-93, 2012. [Article Link]
Craviso G L, Choe S, Chatterjee I and Vernier PT. Modulation of intracellular Ca2+ levels in chromaffin cells by nanoelectropulses. Bioelectrochemistry 87:244-52, 2012. [Article Link]
Denning W, Das S, Guo S, Xu J, Kappes JC, Hel Z. Optimization of the Transductional Efficiency of Lentiviral Vectors: Effect of Sera and Polycations. Mol Biotechnol., 53(3):308-14, 2012. [Article Link]
DeSantiago J, Bare DJ, Semenov I, Geenen D, Wolska B and Banach K. Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Ventricular Myocytes is Enhanced by Paracrine Signalling from Mesenhimal Stem Cells. J Mol Cell Cardiol., 52(6):1249-56, 2012. [Article Link]
Deutsch S, Urbano MR and Zemlin C. Mouse models have limitations for development of medications for autism spectrum disorders, but also show much promise. Future Neurology, 7(1):1-4, 2012. [Article Link]
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Heller LC, Edelblute CM, Mattson AM, Hao X, Singh T, Kolb JK. Inactivation of bacterial opportunistic skin pathogens by nonthermal DC-operated afterglow atmospheric plasma. Letters in Applied Micro 54(2):126-32, 2012. [Article Link]
Horth L, Stacey MW, Benjamin T, Segna K, Proud VK, Nuss D, Kelly RE. Advancing our understanding of the inheritance and transmission of pectus excavatum. J. Pediatric Genet., 1(3):161-73, 2012. [Article Link]
Jan S, Waqar F, Ali SW, Malik MA, Mohammad B, Khan M and Yawar W. Synthesis and application of a bifunctional sorbent derived from ethylacrylate-divinylbenzene copolymer for the solid-phase extraction of pesticides from water. Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies, 35(5):700-11, 2012. [Article Link]
Jiang C, Schaudinn C, Jaramillo DE, Webster P, and Costerton JW. In vitro
antimicrobial effect of a cold plasma jet against enterococcus faecalis biofilms. ISRNDentistry,
2012:295736, 2012. [Article Link]
Joshi SK, Lang GA, Devera TS, Johnson AM, Kovats S, Lang ML. Differential contribution of dendritic cell CD1d to NKT cell-enhanced humoral immunity and CD8+ T cell activation. J Leukoc Biol., 91(5):783-90, 2012. [Article Link]
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Kinetics Study of an Atmospheric-Pressure Cold Plasma Jet against Pathogenic
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2011 Journal Publications

Arnaud-Cormos D, Leveque P, Wu Y-H, Sanders JM, Gundersen MA, and Vernier PT. Microchamber setup characterization for nanosecond pulsed electric field exposure. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng. 58(6):1656-62, 2011. [Article Link]
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Yang L, Nyalwidhe JO, Guo S, Drake RR, and Semmes OJ. Targeted identification of metastasis-associated cell-surface sialoglycoproteins in prostate cancer. Mol Cell Proteomics., 10(6):M110.007294, 2011. [Article Link]

2010 Journal Publications

Andre FM, Rassokhin MA, Bowman AM, Pakhomov AG. Gadolinium blocks membrane permeabilization by nanoelectropulses and reduces cell death. Bioelectrochemistry 79(1):95-100, 2010. [Article Link]
Baldwin WH, Gregory BW, Osgood CJ, Schoenbach KH, and Kolb JF. Membrane Permeability and Cell Survival after Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field Exposure - Significance of Exposure Media Composition. IEEE Trans. Plasma Science, 38(10):2948-53, 2010. [Article Link]
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