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College of Business & Public Administration:Executive Mentoring

About the Executive Mentor Program

The Old Dominion University College of Business and Public Administration's Executive Mentor Program partners high-achieving undergraduate business students with successful executives, entrepreneurs, and public sector leaders. Mentors work with their mentees to foster the development of strategies for academic, professional, and social success. Key components of the program include personal growth and professional networking.

The primary goal of the CBPA Executive Mentor Program is to foster the development of confident graduates with exceptional leadership, critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and interpersonal skills. Additional objectives are:

  1. to provide the student with the tools and insight to make informed, ethical, and culturally-competent career decisions
  2. to help the student confirm or identify their academic and career paths;
  3. to provide a source of advice on personal and professional options; and
  4. to provide a forum for the observation, practice, and mastery of professional networking skills.

Program Requirements

The Executive Mentor Program is open to declared undergraduate business majors with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4. Ideally, the student will have a minimum of two semesters remaining before their scheduled graduation.

Students may be enrolled full- or part-time and may be local or distance learning students.

The Mentor/Mentee Connection

At the beginning of the fall semester, students who are academically eligible for participation in the Executive Mentor Program are contacted and invited to complete an electronic application/ questionnaire. Individuals who want to serve as Executive Mentors complete a similar electronic questionnaire. Preliminary screening is conducted and each Executive Mentor is provided with information on at least three potential mentees. Students selected as mentees are provided with the mentor's contact information and instructed to initiate the first contact. All mentees are required to sign an Understanding of Responsibilities.

Nancy Grden & Natalie Fox

Nancy Grden, Chair of the CBPA Executive Advisory Council and Executive Mentor, connects via Skype with her mentee Natalie Fox, a distance learning student majoring in Management.

Program Evaluation and Oversight

Evaluations are conducted each April and when each mentee graduates (or leaves the program for any other reason). The evaluation is in the form of electronic questionnaires completed by both mentors and mentees.

The Assistant Dean of the CBPA serves as Director of the Executive Mentor Program. Additionally, an Executive Mentor Program sub-committee of the CBPA Executive Advisory Committee assists with program evaluation and development of program materials including interest questionnaires and participant agreements.

For more information contact:

Dr. Constance Merriman, Assistant Dean
Old Dominion University College of Business & Public Administration
2012 Constant Hall
Norfolk, VA 23529
Phone: 757-683-3520

E-mail: cmerrima@odu.edu