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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (B.S.H.S.)

Dr. Jacqueline Sharpe, Program Director

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (B.S.H.S.) degree enables those new to health services administration to have the knowledge and ability to function in inpatient hospitals, ambulatory clinics/services, wellness/fitness centers, physician practices, skilled nursing centers/homes, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, home health agencies, and public health departments/community health centers.

The B.S.H.S. program is also designed to offer advanced educational experiences to already practicing health professionals. This program builds upon the expertise of practicing health professionals and allows them the opportunity to enhance their formal learning. The program focuses on upper-level coursework and general education, along with a career choice chosen by the student. Areas of concentration within the program are health services administration, human services minor, or public health.

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Note: Internship is now required.

Jaqueline Sharpe and Terry
Community Health