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Coastal Engineering (CECP)

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The Coastal Engineering Certificate Program provides practicing engineers the opportunity to study Coastal Engineering at the graduate level. The Certificate demonstrates a basic level of understanding of the physical sciences, engineering, economics, environmental, institutional-political-social, and aesthetic constraints that influence all coastal engineering design. The Certificate may also provide the necessary credentials for continuing education by state licensing boards and professional organizations.

The Certificate requires four graduate level courses in the specialty area of Coastal Engineering within Civil Engineering.

Career Directions

Consulting Engineering, Project Management, Membership on Coastal Zone Management team, Instrumentation Development, Teachers, Dredging, Surveying, State Government, City Government

Related Experiences

Internships in areas related to the program are available. Students are encouraged to assist with faculty research projects and to present their own research at regional, national and international professional communication associations. Opportunities to develop study abroad programs are available.


Curriculum Information

View this program in the Current 2011-2012 Catalog or view Previous Catalog Years.

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  • An undergraduate degree from an accredited university in Engineering (Civil, Environmental, Ocean etc.) or the Oceanographic sciences (Oceanography, Geology, etc.) is preferred