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Faculty & Staff Email & Messaging


Log in to Faculy/Staff Email Online

The Old Dominion University e-mail system is the official electronic mail system for distributing course-related communications, policies, announcements and other information.

Activating the Email Account
In order to receive an ODU email acccount faculty/staff need to fill out the Universal Account Request form signed by you and your department requesting an University email faculty/staff account.

Anti-Spam Filters
Microsoft Outlook has powerful built in antispam filters that can be taught which emails are spam, and which are not. ODU's Spam Trap system provides an additional level of protection; we recommend using both systems together to provide your inbox with the optimal level of protection.

Archiving and Retention
Faculty/staff e-mail accounts do not have mailbox quotas. Microsoft Exchange at ODU includes centralized email archiving and retention where older emails will be automatically archived. Currently, ODU is set to automatically archive Exchange mailboxes when your mailbox reaches 500 MB. Once the messages have been archived you will still have access to them. If you ever need an item that has been archived from your mailbox you can easily view it or restore it to your mailbox yourself.

Retention is also part of this archiving system. Retention is keeping required documents, while other old, unnecessary documents are deleted. The university uses "Managed Folders" in all Exchange mailboxes that will have retention policies associated with them. Please see "ODU Email Retention Guidelines" below for details.

ODU Email Retention Guidelines

Instant Messaging

Log in to Microsoft Lync

Old Dominion University uses Microsoft Lync, which is an instant messaging client that interfaces with Microsoft Exchange & Microsoft Outlook.

You can access MS Lync by using the Lync desktop client, or via the web.

To access Lync via the web, go to http://im.odu.edu.
Once there you will need to sign in with your username & password:

  • Username: use "odunet\your_midas_username"; i.e. if you are jdoe@odu.edu , your username here would be: odunet\jdoe
  • Password: use your MIDAS password.

If you have the MS Lync desktop client installed on your computer, just double click the icon and then you will be prompted for the following information:

  • Sign-in address: use your email address
  • Username: use "odunet\your_midas_username" ; i.e. if you are jdoe@odu.edu , your username here would be: odunet\jdoe
  • Password: use your MIDAS password.

Spam Trap

Spam Trap is ODU's opt-in anti-spam system designed to protect all "@odu.edu" email addresses from unwanted emails.

Mobile Email

Faculty/staff can setup their mobile devices to receive their ODU email while on the go.

Shared Email Accounts

Shared email accounts enable multiple faculty/staff members to manage one accessible email address and inbox.

Mailing Lists

ODU's mailing list application manages email discussion lists via the web.

Email User Guides