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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing product that allows users to conduct live meetings and presentations over the internet with multiple users.

Report any technical issues to the ITS Help Desk or by submitting a Footprints ticket at https://fp.odu.edu (you will need your MIDAS ID and password to log in). Please include what browser and version you are using as well as what operating system. You may also maintain a journal of personal technical issues and resolutions for future reference.


Presenters can share their screen with all attendees, chat, and broadcast live audio and video.

If you are a Presenter in the meeting, you will need to:

  • Test your Audio Connection by going to Meeting > Audio Setup Wizard and complete the required steps.
  • Verify the correct devices are selected in the Adobe Flash Player. In the upper right of the Video pod, click the menu icon , and choose Select Camera. Check that your camera is selected in the dropdown menu. Click on the Microphone tab of the Adobe Flash Player and verify that your headset is in the dropdown menu.
  • Connect your Audio by selecting the menu button to the right of the microphone button and select Connect My Audio. Mute your audio by selecting the Mute My Microphone button and unmute when you need to speak. Always use a headset microphone for audio.
  • Start your webcam using the button that appears in the Camera and Voice pod. To share your camera, make sure your webcam is plugged in, and click the Start My Webcam button. You will be shown a preview of your video, click Start Sharing to share. You may be prompted by the Adobe Flash Player to "Allow" your camera and microphone.