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H. Rodger Harvey

  • H. Rodger Harvey
  • Interim Vice President for Research
  • Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
  • 406a OceanographyandPhysics Bldg
  • Norfolk, VA 23529
  • 757-683-4285
  • rharvey@odu.edu
  • Education

    University of Georgia, 1985
    Major: Microbiology
    Degree: Ph. D.
    Virginia Tech, 1979
    Major: Biology/Chemistry
    Degree: B.S.
  • Research Interests

    Organic Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry. Sources, transformation and fate of organic compounds in aquatic environments and their linkages with climate. Natural product and organic contaminant chemistry.
  • Expertise

    marine organic geochemistry, organic contaminants, climate change
  • 2009: Regent’s Faculty Award for Research, Scholarship and Creativity Activity, University System of Maryland
  • Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

    Chukchi Sea Offshore Monitoring and Drilling area (COMIDA): The Hanna Shoal Ecosystem Study.
    Sponsoring Organization: Bureau of Ocean Energy and Mineral Management
    Date: September, 2011 - December, 2016
    Awarding Organization: Federal
    Collaborative Research: Linking geochemistry and proteomics to reveal the impact of bacteria on protein cycling in the ocean.
    Sponsoring Organization: National Science Foundation (Chemical Oceanography)
    Date: October, 2012 - September, 2015
    Major Research Instrumentation: Acquisition of a Hybrid Mass Spectrometry System for the Next Generation of Multidisciplinary Geosciences Research, Student Education and Training.
    Sponsoring Organization: National Science Foundation
    Date: October, 2012 - September, 2015
    Development of Biochemical Measures of Age in the Alaskan Red King Crab: Validation, Refinement and Initial Assessment
    Sponsoring Organization: North Pacific Research Board
    Date: September, 2012 - August, 2015
    BEST Synthesis: Integration and modeling of spatial-temporal variation in growth and vital rates for euphausiids in eastern Bering Sea
    Sponsoring Organization: NSF–Arctic Natural Sciences Program
    Date: October, 2011 - September, 2014