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Bridge Programs

Professor and Student Outside the Classroom

The ELC Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is designed for conditionally admitted students with TOEFL iBT scores from 61 to 79 (PBT 500-550) or IELTS scores from 5.5 to 6.5.

The program combines credit bearing academic courses with noncredit courses in English. The noncredit English courses provide students with instruction in writing, reading, listening/note-taking and speaking skills.

Successful completion of two semesters of the Undergraduate or Graduate Bridge Program satisfies the university's English proficiency requirement.

How to Apply

International students must submit an application to the Office of International Admissions.

Permanent Residents must submit a domestic application to the Office of Admissions. Upon acceptance to Old Dominion University, students whose English language proficiency does not meet the required standard are placed into the Bridge Program.

Bridge Programs

The Undergraduate Bridge Program is a university program designed for undergraduate students who are nonnative English speakers with TOEFL scores between 500 and 550, (iBT 61-79). The Undergraduate Bridge Program curriculum combines credit courses with a noncredit course in English.

Credit Courses

With the help of an advisor, Undergraduate Bridge Program students enroll in up to 2 classes (8 hours) of credit course work. One of these classes must be from the designated general education courses; the other class should be one that is needed for the student's degree.

Noncredit Courses

In addition to the credit courses, the Bridge student enrolls in 8-hours of noncredit ESL classes. The curriculum for this noncredit class is designed to provide personalized assistance in coordination of assignments and class work in the student's specific general education course, as well as general language instruction to improve the writing, reading, listening/note-taking and speaking skills needed for success at Old Dominion University.

Length of Study

Students may study in the Undergraduate Bridge Program for up to 2 semesters. Undergraduate Bridge students gain unconditional admission to Old Dominion University by scoring a minimum of 550 (iBT 79-80) on the TOEFL or by successfully completing 2 semesters of the Undergraduate Bridge Program with a grade point average of 2.5 in their credit courses and a grade of B and 85% attendance in their English noncredit course.

Like the Undergraduate Bridge Program, the Graduate Bridge Program is a special course for graduate students who have been admitted to Old Dominion University and have TOEFL scores between 500 and 550, (iBT 61-79). The curriculum for the semester-long Graduate Bridge (approximately 15 weeks) combines 7 hours per week of English instruction with one 3-hour credit course from the student's graduate program.

Admission to Full-Time Students

Graduate Bridge students will achieve full-time university status and be admitted to Old Dominion University when they successfully complete 2 semesters in the Graduate Bridge Program with a grade of B in their credit classes and a grade of B and 85% attendance in their English classes. Graduate Bridge students can also achieve full-time university status by receiving a TOEFL score of 550 (iBT 79-80).