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Old Dominion Advising Network

Old Dominion Advising Network (ODAN) provides professional development opportunities to campus constituencies involved in all aspects of advising through the exchange of ideas, best practices, and latest trends. Membership is open to the entire campus community including all faculty, staff, and graduate students, including those in non-traditional advising roles. ODAN is an official allied member of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

Have questions about ODAN?

Email us at odan@odu.edu.

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ODAN Conference
October 30, 2014
8:30 am - 4:00 pm

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Call for Proposals

The Old Dominion Advising Network is currently accepting conference presentation proposals! Proposal topics should include best practices, programs or activities that support success, retention and graduating in four years.

Proposal deadline: September 12, 2014.

Proposal form: http://ww2.odu.edu/forms_admin/viewform.php?formid=17136


Conference Schedule Coming Soon



Conference Schedule & Session Information Location
8:30 am
9:00 am Welcome and Opening Remarks
Katie Ferrara and Mirta Williams, 2013-2014 ODAN Co-Chairs


Newport News

9:15 am Morning KEYNOTE ADDRESS
Dr. Ed Gomez
Associate Professor, Human Movement Sciences, 2013 NACADA National Outstanding Faculty Advisor


Newport News

9:45 am Break
10:00 am CONCURRENT SESSION 1 (Choose one)
The Completion Agenda: Advising Strategies to Increase Retention Rates and Degree Attainment
Jose Ramos, Sandy Waters, G.W. Thompson, Vicki Bonner, Jane Dane
Current Programs in Nursing Education
Karen Karlowicz, Janice Hawkins
The Living Learning Community and Academic Success
Leon McClinton, Neudy Nunez

Virginia Beach

11:00 am Break
11:15 am CONCURRENT SESSION 2 (Choose one)

Advising Non-Traditional Transfer Students from Recruitment to Graduation
Marena Hill-Bartos, David McMillan, Nancy Rudolph, Elaine Ward

ODU's Undergraduate Research Program: Working Toward Greater Retention, Better Performance and Sustained Intellectual Growth
Dr. Poornima Madhavan


New Online Advising Tools
Sandy Waters, Mary Swartz
Virginia Beach
12:15 pm

Lunch and Afternoon KEYNOTE ADDRESS

Dr. Brian Payne
Vice Provost for Graduate and Undergraduate Academic Programs



1:15 pm Break
1:30 pm CONCURRENT SESSION 3 (Choose one)
Addressing Military Connected Student Concerns
Kathleen Levingston
Study Abroad: Success Stories from ODU Students
Steve Bell, Beth Parker
Transfer Toolbox: Tools and Tips for Transfer Student Success
Crystal Anderson
Virginia Beach
2:30 pm Break
2:45 pm SESSION 4
Advising Assessment-Results from 2012-13 and Plan for 2013-14
Sandy Waters, Tisha Paredes
Hampton/Newport News



Communication, Hope and Habits: Foundations of Engagement

Dr. Tom Socha
Department of Communication
2012 NACADA National Outstanding Faculty Advisor

Study Abroad Opportunities at ODU
Michael Dean and Rachel Spence
Office of Study Abroad
Advising for the Long Run: Retention through Engagement
Dr. Scott Sechrist
Nuclear Medicine Technology
New Technology to Aid Advisors and Students -- What's in the Works at ODU
Sandra Waters, Advising and Transfer Programs
Purshara Kiraly, Enrollment Management
Regional Education Centers: Engaging Students Beyond Main Campus
Daniela Cigularova, Susan Nottingham, Stacy Dabney
Regional Higher Education Centers
Developing a Comprehensive Assessment Plan for Advising
Dr. Tisha Paredes
Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Undergraduate Research Opportunities: A Roundtable
Dr. Dave Gauthier
Department of Biological Sciences
Using Adobe Connect for Academic Advising
Kirk Dewyea and Terri Wheaton
Office of Distance Learning
Engaging Students through ODU Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs
Janice Hawkins
Department of Nursing
Lost in the Maze: Helping Transfer Students Successfully Navigate ODU
Crystal Anderson
Transfer Advising and Articulations
Engaging Working Professionals
Deanne Kroner
Office of Distance Learning
Encouraging Student Engagement through the use of Electronic Portfolios
Jennifer Younkin
Department of Psychology
Who Are Our Students? Implications for Recruitment and Retention
Dr. Ellen Neufeldt, Jane Dane, Dr. Scott Harrison
Student Engagement and Enrollment Services


Conference Highlights

Morning Address: Dr. Scott Sechrist, Program Director for Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences

Keynote Address: Dr. Carol Simpson, ODU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Session Materials

Presenters Presentation
Leanne White and Adrienne Giles
College of Sciences
Technology and Advising: How to Make the Two Fit
Alice Jones, Beverly Forbes, Erin Mills, Saranette Williams
Career Management Center (CMC)
Helping the Lions Discover the Jungle
Erin Colwell
Counseling Services
Supporting Student Success: How Counseling Can Assist Advisors
Jennifer Usis
College of Business
In Need of a Map? Implementing Degree Plans
Renee Olander, Daneila Cigularova, Katherine Jackson
Kyle Nicholas, Julie Manthey, Don Zeigler
Virginia Beach Higher Education Center

Lynn Waltz
Tri-Cities Center
The Role of Faculty and Staff in Advising Students at the ODU Regional Higher Education Centers: Successes and Challenges
Elizabeth Batu
ffice of the University Registrar
How Federal Law Affects Your Advising Sessions
Bobby Glisson
Office of Enrollment Management
The Transition from Military Life to Campus Life: The First Steps
G.W. Thompson and Jose Ramos
Center for Major Exploration
Climbing the Mountain of Major Exploration
Sandra Waters
Advising and Transfer Programs
Finding Work and Life Balance: Is It Possible?
Beth-Ann Dickie
Office of Educational Accessibility
Wikki-Sticks, Graph Paper and Smart Pens: The Simple Ways to Accomodate Students With Disabilities
Jose Ramos
Center for Major Exploration
Advisors Moving Forward in a Multicultural America: Must Have "Tool Kit" to Advise Hispanic and Latino/a Students
Jennifer Younkin
Department of Psychology

The Commonalities Between Advising and Teaching

ODAN membership is open to all ODU faculty, staff and graduate students who serve the campus community in both traditional and non-traditional advising roles or who provide support to advising initiatives on campus. Click below to register for membership.

ODAN Executive Board (2014-2015)

Co-Chair Tania Alvarez
Co-Chair Adrienne Giles
Communications and Events Chair
Beth Armstrong
Record Keeping Chair
Keith Krepcho
Assessment Chair
Daniela Cigularova
Technology and Media Chair Jennifer Usis
Past Co-Chair Katie Ferrera
Past Co-Chair Mirta Williams
Distance Learning Liaison Marena Hill-Bartos
Professional Development Liaison Cat Moss


Co-Chair Katie Ferrara
Co-Chair Mirta Williams
Communications and Events Chair
Jeb Midyette
Record Keeping Chair
Adrienne Giles
Assessment Chair
Daniela Ciqularova
Technology and Media Chair Jennifer Usis
Past Co-Chair Leanne White
Past Co-Chair Cat Moss
Distance Learning Liaison Doug Brown
Student Engagement & Enrollment Services Liaison Liz Boyd


Communications and Events Chair
Record Keeping Chair
Assessment Chair
Technology and Media Chair
Past Co-Chair
Past Co-Chair
Distance Learning Liaison
Student Engagement & Enrollment Services Liaison


Date Topic Location/Time
October 23 Educational Accessibility: Advising Students with ADHD and LD
Portsmouth Room, Webb @ 11am
November 20 Monarch Teach
Portsmouth Room, Webb @ 11am


Spring 2013 March 4 Advising and Academic Integrity Michael DeBowes
Fall 2012 October 17 Athletic Advising Services Lori Friel, Meredith McCall
November 14 Advising for Military Students
Jeanie Kline, Kathleen Livingston, Michael Leydet
December 12 Honors College and Undergraduate Research Ivan Ash, Brian Kurisky
Spring 2012 February 8 Study Abroad Mike Dean, Rachel Spence
March 14 Safe Space Kate Griffin
April 11 Sharing Session All Advisors
Fall 2011 October 12 Transfer Advising & Articulations Crystal Anderson, Brooke Brown
November 9 Financial Aid Patricia Hinton
December 14 Sophomore Success Christine Springfield-Ricks, Vicki Bonner,
John Lee, Catherine Moss and Judy Luedtke
Workshop Military Child Expo



Date Event
March 7, 2013 Wine Tasting @Taste Unlimited
February 23, 2012 Wine Tasting @Taste Unlimited
October 10, 2012 Beer and Cheese @ The Birch
September 27, 2011 Beer and Cheese @ The Birch

Article I -

Section 1

The name of this Association shall be the Old Dominion Advising Network (ODAN), hereinafter referred to as the Association.

Article II - Purpose

Section 1

The general purpose of this Association shall be to provide professional development opportunities to campus constituencies involved in all aspects of advising through the exchange of ideas, best practices, and latest trends.

Article III - Membership

Section 1

Membership in this Association shall be open to the entire campus community including all faculty, staff, and graduate students, including those in non-traditional advising roles

Article IV -
Elected Officers

Section 1
The elected officers of this Association shall be two Co-Chairs, Record Keeping Chair, Communication/Events Chair, Assessment Chair, and Technology/Media Chair.

Section 2
The elected officers shall serve a one-year term which shall begin in May and run through the end of the following April (May 1-April 30).

Section 3
If a vacancy occurs among the elected officers, the Co-Chairs shall appoint, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, a person to complete the vacated term of office.

Article V -
Duties of Elected Officers

Section 1
It shall be the duty of the Co-Chairs to preside at all business meetings and all other general meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee of the Association; to consider all motions regularly made; and to call special meetings. The Co-Chairs shall be responsible for the Association budget. The Co-Chairs shall be ex-officio members of all committees; and shall be responsible for the Association budget.

Section 2
The Record Keeping Chair shall record all official proceedings of the meetings of this Association and the Executive Committee of this Association and transmit the proceedings in writing to the Co-Chairs and Executive Committee. The Record Keeping Chair shall keep records of Association membership and attendance at meetings.

Section 3
The Communication/Events Chair shall develop marketing materials; advertise Association events; plan social gatherings for the Association; and assist with the planning of any special events.

Section 4
The Assessment Chair shall develop assessments for the conference and other Association events; analyze the data and provide written reports to the Executive Committee.

Section 5
The Technology/Media Chair shall manage the organization website; post meeting minutes and event photos in a timely manner; and otherwise maintain the site as needed. The Technology/Media Chair shall manage media requests and set up for events; and oversee the Association listserv.

Article VI - Executive Committee

Section 1
The Executive Committee shall consist of the Co-Chairs, the immediate Past-Chair(s), the Record Keeping Chair, the Communication/Events Chair, the Assessment Chair, the Technology/Media Chair, and the Liaisons of all Standing Committees.

Section 2
The Executive Committee shall conduct, manage, and control the business of this Association during the periods between the meetings of this Association.

Section 3
The Executive Committee shall meet at least once per month at a time to be determined by the committee at its first meeting following annual elections. Other meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the Co-Chairs or at the request of a simple majority of the Executive Committee membership. The Executive Committee shall approve all committee memberships. All Executive Committee meetings shall be open to the membership.

Article VII - Elections Section 1
The Co-Chairs, the Record Keeping Chair, the Communication/Events Chair, the Assessment Chair, and the Technology/Media Chair of this Association shall be elected by a majority by all members of the Association. Election shall be determined by plurality of votes cast.
Article VIII - Committees

Section 1
The Association may include the following standing Committees: Distance Learning, Learning Commons, Student Affairs, Graduate Students, Residence Life, Faculty Senate, Legislative Issues, and Professional Training.

Section 2
The standing committee liaisons shall contact their assigned department/group and throughout their term attend relevant meetings, share information that may affect advising, be a point of contact, and report back at Association meetings.

Article IX - Dues

Section 1

The dues of this Association shall be recommended by the Executive Committee and voted on at a meeting open to all Association members. Approval of dues will require a majority vote of members present at that meeting.

Article X -
Fiscal Matters

Section 1
The fiscal year of this Association shall be from July 1 to June 30.

Section 2
Annual income and expense budgets shall be drafted by the Co-Chairs and submitted to the Executive Committee for its formal approval at its first meeting of the fiscal year.

Section 3
Income and expense reports shall be drafted by the Co-Chairs and submitted to the Executive Committee for its formal approval at monthly meetings.

Article XI - Meetings Section 1
There shall be at least one meeting or event monthly that will be open to all Association members.
Article XII - Amendments

Section 1
Except as is provided in Section 2 below, amendments to the By-Laws may be acted upon only at a meeting of the Executive Committee. An amendment may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee present.

Section 2
If, in the judgment of the Executive Committee, action upon a proposed amendment is desirable before the next business meeting, it may be taken through email following presentation of the amendment to all members of the Executive Committee. If two-thirds of the Executive Committee vote affirmatively, the amendment shall be adopted.

Section 3 - Date of Effect
These By-Laws and any amendments thereto become effective immediately upon adoption by vote of the Executive Committee, as specified in Article XII, Section 1 and 2.