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Writing Competency

Students must demonstrate their writing competency by passing the Exit Examination of Writing Proficiency (EEWP). To complete the requirement, students write an essay that reflects critical thinking on a complex topic and a maturity of expression, including a varied syntax and vocabulary appropriate to the task. The essay will be reasonably free from mechanical errors.

Standards for Competency

Specific competencies include the ability to write an essay that includes the following components:

  1. A clearly stated objective
  2. Ability to present supporting evidence
  3. Clarity in sentence structure and word choice
  4. Logical consistency
  5. Reasonable freedom from mechanical errors

Overall competency is demonstrated by a score of at least three (3) - Satisfactory - on each of the five essay criteria listed above. The scoring values used for these criteria are 4 = Very Good; 3 = Satisfactory; 2 = Unsatisfactory; and 1 = Poor.

Summary: (75 words, provide brief analysis of results)

As demonstrated by the 93.8% pass rate for academic year 2001, Old Dominion University's writing curriculum is highly effective in preparing graduates to be competent writers. It should also be noted that the remaining 6.2% are advised to improve their writing skills and retake the EEWP, as all students are required to pass the exam as a graduation requirement. Thus all recipients of undergraduate degrees from Old Dominion are considered competent with regard to writing.