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Questions about Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a web-based survey research software which offers many advanced but user-friendly features such as:

  • Easy survey design with point-and-click editing
  • Comprehensive list of question types including pick, group & rank, drill down, rank order, heat map and hot spot
  • Capability to personalize emails and survey content to individual subjects
  • Complex skip patterns and branching
  • Randomization of question order or response categories
  • Authentication for linkage to other databases or preventing "ballot box stuffing"
  • Capability for respondents to stop in mid-survey and resume later where they left off
  • Online generation of simple reports, graphics, and cross tabulations of survey results
  • Simple data download to spreadsheet, SPSS, or other file formats
  • Qualtrics is completely browser-based, so researchers can access it from any location with internet access. No software is installed on the user's computer.

The Qualtrics tool is available to ODU faculty and staff to support research, program evaluation and assessment. The software is also available to student researchers and employees under the supervision of a faculty or staff member. All current ODU faculty, staff and students (with faculty supervision) can have access to Qualtrics. Account Types:

  • Limited Access: 5 active surveys and up to 1,000 responses per account.
  • Expanded Access: unlimited survey and responses