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The ODU Brand

Before you can effectively use the brand, it is important to understand what the brand is, its key messages and where your office fits within the brand.

Old Dominion University maintains a global reputation as a forward-focused public doctoral research university. With the growth of ODU's programs and reputation, it is increasingly important for the university to express a single, compelling voice in everything we do. University Marketing & Communications is the central campus resource for strategic communications counsel and marketing and branding efforts. The office provides professional services and support to include media relations, publicity, print, editorial, design, web, photography, social media and marketing.

Old Dominion University's branding initiative is designed to clarify the main identity of the university and to communicate in a clear and compelling way. Formally launched in 2007, the university's branding initiative is the embodiment of how the university is perceived and the inherent value we provide.

While the brand is expressed by tangible things like logos, color schemes, fonts and writing style, it is the intangibles - values, ideas and personality of an institution - that are most important. This web site offers tools to ensure that communications from every college, department and office speak with a clear and uniform voice that best represents the image and brand of Old Dominion University.

A strong brand is one that is espoused by every area and person at an institution and that shapes our communications, interactions and strategic thinking. Adherence to visual and editorial identity standards will send a clear and consistent message to all of the university's audiences and, ultimately, solidify our name recognition, inherent value and marketplace position.

Communications Toolkit

The communications toolkit has the essentials you will need to effectively and properly create printed and electronic communications, including logo downloads.


Samples of ODU advertising

Any advertising, regardless of medium, that will include graphic representation of the university and/or will use university trademarks must be approved.

Publication Design & Production


Guidelines and procedures for publications and printing of other materials.

Merchandise & Giveaways

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All groups, departments, individuals and companies are required to obtain approval from the Licensing Department or Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) before producing any products that use the institution's registered name(s), trademarks and/or service marks.

Media Relations

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All media inquiries to the university should be directed to the office of media relations. The staff promotes news that results in major media coverage and that is showcased on the University’s homepage.


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Photography should be employed strategically to reflect the brand through images that demonstrate and illustrate the primary brand drivers.

Social Media

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All social media presences bearing the ODU name, logos or other trademarks must be vetted through University Web Communications and follow guidelines to ensure consistent, accurate and positive portrayal of the University.

Website & Online Content


The ODU website is centrally managed with distributed maintenance. The University employs a web content management system to provide functionality and facilitate maintenance. This section also addresses other systems that deliver online content.



All presentations made on behalf of the University should be branded in look, content and language. Download branded PowerPoint templates for use in your presentations.