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The ODU Brand:Key Messages

Old Dominion University's brand drivers are the exclusive building blocks for key messages.

Brand Driver: A community with a rich mix of nationalities, cultures, and life experiences

Inside and outside the classroom, experience here spans borders, languages and time. Cultures converge. Viewpoints are respected.

  • Students come from all 50 states and more than 100 countries around the world
  • ODU has more than 300 social, professional, religious, academic, recreational and educational student organizations on campus
  • There are 163 nationalities, cultures and heritages of ODU faculty, staff and students represented on campus
  • ODU is cosmopolitan and one of the most diverse campuses in Virginia

Brand Driver: Nationally Recognized Faculty

ODU professors are masters in their fields, recognized by their peers and organizations across the country.

  • Steve Yetiv, International oil and Middle East expert
  • Sheri Reynolds, New York Times and Oprah Book Club best-selling author
  • Adolphus Hailstork, award-winning and internationally acclaimed composer
  • Shaomin Li, international expert on the global environment of business, political economy, strategy, e-business
  • Alan "Woody" Schwitzer, recipient of the American Counseling Association's Ralph M. Berdie Memorial Research Award
  • Robert Spina, fellow of the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education
  • Danica Hays, recipient of the prestigious American Counseling Assocation Research Award
  • Mounir Laroussi, international cold plasma expert and IEEE 2nd Millennium Graduate of the Last Decade medal recipient
  • Karl Schoenbach, renowned innovator in bioelectrics
  • Hani Elsayed-Ali, nationally respected authority in physical electronics and nanotechnology
  • Andrew Balas, member of the Healthcare Information Technology Advisory Panel of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
  • Michele Darby, national authority and author of two renowned textbooks on dental hygiene
  • Patrick Hatcher, renowned geochemist and leader of the Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium
  • Nancy Xu, internationally respected authority in nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • Physics Department, where twelve faculty members are distinguished American Physical Society Fellows

Brand Driver: Research and collaboration with business, industry, and community partners

From idea to innovation to invention, ODU faculty and students are shaping the way we interact with our environment, give voice to our experience and live in the coming years.

  • Holodoc - Simulation researchers have created stethoscopes that simulate real vital signs and a virtual operating room to create lifelike surgeries to advance medical training
  • Eye Spy - In Vijayan Asari's Vision Laboratory, students are helping to perfect facial recognition programs that can pick a terrorist out of a crowd before they can act
  • Sci-Fi - Like the light sabers of fictional movies, Dr. Mounir Laroussi's harnessing of cold plasma may be used to treat biological warfare attacks, disinfect hospital equipment and protect military vehicles
  • To Space and Beyond - The Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport Consortium run by Old Dominion University launches satellites into space
  • Therapies for Fatal Diseases - Studies by immunologist Chris Platsoucas characterize T cells responsible for autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis with the objective of developing new therapies
  • Nano Flashlights - Particles enter a living cell and light up the interior to help pinpoint the origins of cancer in Nancy Xu's groundbreaking work
  • Green Means Go - ODU researchers are developing alternative energy sources, including producing fuel from algae
  • A+ for Effort - The Center for Teacher Quality and Educational Leadership helps teachers and school leaders mobilize community resources to meet at-risk students' academic and other educational needs
  • Generation Green - Child Study Center faculty are developing a curriculum with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation that introduces the environment to pre-kindergarten-aged children through hands-on experiences

Brand Driver: Innovative, engaging, and relevant learning opportunities

Learning the modern way - the ODU way - isn't one-dimensional. It sparks your imagination, taps all of your senses, and makes use of today's technologies.

  • ODU boasts 24 Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award Winners from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
  • iFrench-iSpanish - or any one of ODU's language classes where podcasts allow you to tune into the lesson whenever you want
  • Sailing Ahead - The undergraduate program in maritime and supply chain management is only the second of its kind in the country and draws directly into a major economic force in the Hampton Roads region
  • VirtuReal - Nurse anesthesia students get hands-on experience intubating and administering to patients in the high-tech virtual operating room
  • Outstanding - Cynthia Jones mixes groundbreaking research with outstanding teaching and has the SCHEV Outstanding Faculty, CASE Professor of the Year and Virginia Outstanding Scientist awards to prove it
  • Math, naturally - Rainbows, clouds, spider webs... no matter where you look, everything you see can be explained mathematically, or so you'll learn in John Adam's Math in Nature class
  • Physics 101 - In Larry Weinstein's physics 101 class, tough means sitting on a seat of nails that impaled an apple moments before to learn the physics principle behind why you aren't hurt
  • Riding the Waves - With its 55-foot research vessel that cruises the Chesapeake Bay and Continental Shelf, the oceanopgraphy department immerses itself in learning in a way no textbook ever could