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Shared Email Accounts

Shared email accounts are Microsoft exchange email accounts accessible by a group of individuals who share responsibility for a project, course, or management task.These accounts may be requested and managed only by faculty or staff members.

Although the account is "shared," each approved user must log in to the account database using their personal MIDAS ID and password. All outgoing email from a shared email account shows the account name as the "sender."

Access Via Web

After your account is created, you will receive a notification email with instructions similar to the following:

The URL for your shared email account is:

Click the link to open the shared email account via the web. When prompted, enter your MIDAS ID and password. You may want to create a bookmark in your web browser for accessing the shared email account in the future.

Requesting Access

Users who need access to an established shared email account must complete the following form.

Users who need to start a shared email account must complete the following form.

Outlook Shared Email Setup

Once you have been granted access to a shared email account you will need to configure your Outlook account in order to send/receive emails for the shared email account.